Tata Docomo Launches Series Of Smart Security Solutions For End Users

Tata Docomo Launches Series Of Smart Security Solutions For End UsersTata docomo, the market leader in innovation is back again with a series of smart security services for its customers.

SmartBus Tracker– Now school management and parents can track their kid’s bus easily.

SmartHome Surveillance –Monitor your places when you are outside.

SmartCar Security – Now you can upgrade your car’s security easily.

With Tata Docomo SmartBus Tracker, now no child will be out of sight. This solution is especially designed for school management to track their fleet of buses so that their administrative tasks are smoothened along with ensuring the safety of a child to parents. Real time tracking, Route reply, Geo-tagging, Parent SMS alerts, Speed estimates, over speed Alerts are key features of this service.


Monthly Rental of Rs.1200 for per SmartBus Tracker (each bus), paid as quarterly advance for which you get an advantage of Unlimited Data* and 1000 Local + National SMS Free.

Coming to Tata Docomo SmartHome surveillance, it is an internet protocol camera specially designed for Home surveillance that helps to keep your home under your complete vigil and secure your family all times. Remote pan, Remote pan/tilt, Night Vision, SMS & Email alerts and Simple wireless alerts are key features of this service.


Rental of Rs.13500 per SmartHome Surveillance Camera Service, paid as advance for annual subscription for which you get a benefit of HSIA 2GB per month for 12 months.

Now, SmartCar security solution from TATA Docomo is what that grabbed my attention after SmartBus Tracker. With this solution one don’t need to always rely on alarm to keep one’s car secure. The security of car is taken care via SMS when it is out of sight or at a distance where alarm can’t be heard or as good as non existence. The over speeding alert is an awesome feature of this service where one can be sure that their loved ones are driving safe even when they are not along with them. Geo-lock the car, Undue stoppage alert, Over Speed alert, Route replay, Places of Interest, Ignition Alert are key features of this service.


A rental of Rs.2500, paid as one time charge for 6 months.

A rental of Rs.5000, paid as one time charge for 12 months.

For which you get a benefit of Date usage of 50 MB per month + 1000 SMS Local & National per month.

For More information Demo/ Installation call Tata Docomo at 1800 266 0000. Let me know how secure you feel about these innovative security services offered by this Telecom Service Provider?

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September 10, 2012 10:40 am 10:40 AM

Tata Docomo coverage is erratic/patchy. Until that improves, no ‘Smart Solution’ will really help. Their problem is that they aren’t doing what they should be doing, i.e. improving coverage. Instead, they seem to think that spending money on advertising will help. Of course it helping, but only the ad agencies and media.

former Tata Docomo customer, Navi Mumbai

Tharun George
August 23, 2012 11:09 am 11:09 AM

Wangsuk Dapru :

Tharun George :
Did you guys check the DOCOMO website?
Ranbir Kapoor with tricolor Flag of India without Ashoka Chakra and some extra stitched orange piece. With title “Move to our world of freedom”. It has been on the website from Independence day.
Is this against Flag Code of India?

Its a kite…not very sure if its against the norms. Pls file an RTI mail to them.

I think RTI apply to gov institutions only.

August 22, 2012 5:17 pm 5:17 PM

@Wangsuk Dapru
i think it is not a problem. Bcz so many are using like this. Eg. Congress party has its flag with tricolour with hand symbol in the middle