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Today TATA’S GSM arm “TATA DOCOMO” came up with the VAS offerings to its customer base providing following services as a start up.

  • Call me tunes
  • Voice Based Services
  • USSD Services
  • SIM Tool Kit Services
  • SMS Services

Tata-docomo-COMES-WITH VASLikewise its per second pulse scenario the same is being implemented in VAS too for  example in “Call Me Tunes” service the call charges are First 30 Seconds free and thereafter 5paise/second and Subscription Charges goes Rs.30 for 30 days followed by Song Download Charges: Rs.15/song.

Also keeping a handy bucket in “Voice Based Services” following cover the gamut: 24 Hr Music, Voice chat News updates, Devotional services, Learn English , ESPN on Mobile, Drive in voice, Cricket scores, Jokes, Astrology, Voice SMS service, Voice mail services.


Services like TATA i Channel, Drive in WAP, Social networking, MMS etc are included in GRPS section with tariff plans as under.
Charges (DIVE IN WAP)

There are no national monthly rental charges. Browsing is free on Dive In portal in home network & TATA DOCOMO networks while roaming nationally. You will be charged only for content downloads. You will be charged for browsing Dive-In portal while roaming in non-TATA DOCOMO network

TATA DOCOMO Portal Browsing: Free on TATA DOCOMO Home Network & TATA DOCOMO National Roaming Network.

TATA DOCOMO Portal Browsing:10P/10KB on Non-TATA Roaming Network.

TATA DOCOMO Portal Browsing:Rs.5.50/10KB on International Roaming.

Internet Browsing:1p/1KB on Tata Home Network.

Internet Browsing:10p/10kb on TATA DOCOMO & Non-TATA Roaming Network

Internet Browsing:Rs.5.50/10kb on International Roaming rental pack available on Post Paid: Rs.99/ month (100 MB free internet usage in TATA DOCOMO Home & National Roaming Network)

Also one has the privilege of getting the above mentioned VAS services on USSD platform too where the revenue model is alienated in to categories viz. Rs 3/SMS another is Rs 30 for 30 days

SMS services

A worthwhile amendments in SMS services TATA DOCOMO is providing its customers with entertainment at your finger tips one can Get updated on latest News, Cricketing Action, Jokes, Astro Alerts and much more by just  Typing Menu and send SMS to 54321 (Toll Free) and you will get a list of services offered also one can access the services directly

By simply typing the keyword and SMS to 54321.

For example:

To get Cricket scores type CRI and send an SMS to 54321. You will be charged Rs 3/SMS to access this premium service.

To get News, just type NEWS and send an SMS to 54321. You will be charged Rs 3/SMS to access this premium service.

Another value addition done by TATA DOCOMO in SMS section is Timed SMS where you have the control & power to send an SMS at your desired date and time. Now you can actually Time an SMS in advance to wish your friend. Your wish will be sent to him at the exact date and time which you have specified.

A Timed SMS can act like a reminder or scheduler service, where you can schedule a message in advance and the same will be sent at the specific date and time to the desired recipient.


Working on the punchline
“Why should we charge you for doing our 'job'? Its your 'right' to know in case there is a Missed call for your number!”  TATA DOCOMO is providing this service pre-activated and free of cost

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