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Google Announces Umoja Subsea Cable Project to Connect Africa and Australia

Google has announced plans to build the first subsea fibre-optic cable directly connecting Africa and Australia, stating that the new investments in digital infrastructure and security initiatives are designed to increase digital connectivity, accelerate economic growth, and deepen resilience across Africa. Also Read: Google Announces Plans to Build Central Pacific Subsea Cables Bulikula and Halaihai Google's Umoja Cable The new subsea cable, called Umoja, will be anchored in Kenya and... Read More

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Android is Getting New Theft Protection Features: Check

Google has started rolling out Android 15 Beta 2 for several devices. Right now, we are not talking about everything new with Android 15 Beta 2, we will just be focusing on one thing - theft protection features. Both Google and Apple have given a few theft protection features, such as the ability to lock the device when you have lost it or it is stolen or the ability to... Read More

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Google Pixel 8a is Not What You Think

Google Pixel 8a was announced yesterday in India. The smartphone, expected to be a mid-range phone, isn't a mid-range phone. It is priced in the super-premium category. We will come to a price eventually, but before that, let's talk about what the device is all about. The Pixel 8a is supposed to offer you the best of the Pixel 8 series, but in a toned-down manner to keep the cost... Read More

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Google Announces USD 1 Billion Investment in Subsea Cables and Connectivity to Japan

Google has announced plans for a USD 1 billion investment in digital connectivity to Japan to enhance digital infrastructure across the Pacific region. The initiative includes expanding the Pacific Connect project and the deployment of two new subsea cables, Proa and Taihei. The Pacific Connectivity Initiative In collaboration with partners, including KDDI, ARTERIA, Citadel Pacific, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), the project aims to establish new... Read More

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MWC 2024: Google Showcasing AI, New Android Auto Features

Google is showcasing several major Android features at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024. These features, of course, include AI (artificial intelligence) and some Android Auto features released recently. From the circle to search that you saw getting introduced with the Samsung Galaxy S24 series to getting the perfect shot with the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro using AI, Google is showcasing everything to the people present at the... Read More

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Google May Go Samsung and Apple Way with Pixel 9 Pro

Google, a search engine giant, now also popular for selling the Pixel branded phones across the globe, is reportedly going Samsung and Apple's way with its flagships in 2024. No, I don't mean that they are copying them on a software level to offer the same features or aesthetics; that is something Google would likely never do. To be fair, Google can't even copy Samsung and Apple in hardware design,... Read More

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Google Announces Plans to Build Central Pacific Subsea Cables Bulikula and Halaihai

Google has announced plans for the Central Pacific Connect initiative, which will deliver two new intra-Pacific cables, Bulikula and Halaihai, in collaboration with Amalgamated Telecom Holdings (ATH), APTelecom, and Telstra to enhance digital connectivity in the central Pacific. Also Read: Google Unveils Nuvem: Transatlantic Cable Linking Portugal, Bermuda, and US Resilience and Reliability Building on the South Pacific Connect initiative announced in October, the Central Pacific Connect initiative will establish... Read More

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Telxius Joins Firmina Subsea Cable System, Enhancing Americas Connectivity

Telefonica's infrastructure subsidiary, Telxius, confirmed today that it is joining the Firmina subsea cable system, connecting the US, Brazil, and Argentina. First announced in June 2021, Firmina will link the East Coast of the USA to Las Toninas (Argentina), with additional landings in Praia Grande (Brazil) and Punta del Este (Uruguay). Telxius will host Firmina in its Santos digital hub in Brazil. Also Read: America Movil and Telxius to Build... Read More

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Google Unveils Nuvem: Transatlantic Cable Linking Portugal, Bermuda, and US

Google has unveiled its latest digital infrastructure expansion with the "Nuvem" transatlantic subsea cable system. Named after the Portuguese word for "cloud," Nuvem will connect Portugal, Bermuda, and the United States. In an official release, Google said this new cable path will significantly enhance network resiliency across the Atlantic while catering to the growing demand for digital services. Also Read: 2Africa Submarine Cable Lands in Democratic Republic of Congo Nuvem... Read More

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Google Could Go the iOS Way and Add Several Android OS Updates for Pixel

Currently, it is the iPhones that get the most OS (operating system) updates. It helps in keeping the phone running well-conditioned and also boosts the resale value. But the same is not the case with Android. Even though there are companies such as Samsung, Google and now OnePlus as well, that promise four years' worth of Android updates to their flagships, it is not close to what Apple does with... Read More

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Deutsche Telekom Advances 5G Expansion With Launch of Affordable T Tablet

Deutsche Telekom intends to achieve its goal of doubling 5G coverage across Europe through investments in infrastructure, network deployment, tariff development, and accessible 5G devices. In a move to offer affordable 5G devices, Deutsche Telekom has announced the launch of new T Tablet. Also Read: Deutsche Telekom Expands Mobile Network Across 798 Locations Deutsche Telekom 5G T Tablet According to Deutsche Telekom, the new T Tablet, scheduled for availability from... Read More

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Lumen Technologies Introduces ExaSwitch, A Network Interconnection Ecosystem

Lumen Technologies has unveiled ExaSwitch, a new network interconnection ecosystem developed in partnership with tech giants Google and Microsoft. This platform enables organizations with high bandwidth needs to efficiently route their traffic between networks, without the need for third-party intervention. By leveraging optical switching and cutting-edge technology, ExaSwitch revolutionizes the way network interconnections are established and managed. Also Read: Lumen Rolls Out 400G Wavelength Network Across the US Network Interconnections... Read More

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