Starlink is Reportedly Raising Satellite Internet Prices

Starlink terminals previously cost around $ 385 but will now cost $ 700 for new Ukrainian customers. Some customers even reported they received emails stating the price increase of Starlink services from $ 60 to $ 75. The price increase affects individual users. However, it is unclear if SpaceX has raised the price of the terminals provided for official use.


  • According to a report from FT, SpaceX is increasing its prices for Starlink internet services.
  • The cost of Starlink terminals in Ukraine has nearly doubled from an equivalent of $ 385 to about $ 700.

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Starlink Satellite Internet Terminal Prices Nearly Doubled

According to a report from FT, SpaceX's Starlink is reportedly raising satellite internet prices for Ukrainian customers. The cost of the Starlink Satellite terminal has nearly doubled over the year from around $385 to $700 for new customers. The monthly subscription cost of the satellite internet service is also being revised from $60 to $75, according to a few users who shared screenshots of the emails they received on social media.

The hikes come as Ukraine's Cellular Networks are strapped under the strain of Russian attacks and the impact on the electrical grid. On Tuesday, several users on Twitter who claim to be Ukrainian Starlink customers posted screenshots of emails from SpaceX that detailed the price increase. According to the screenshots, SpaceX plans on the higher fee starting on December 29, 2022. Customers can cancel the subscription anytime if they do not wish to continue.

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Amid the instability of connectivity and rising demand, Starlink terminals have proved invaluable to Ukrainians looking to retain connectivity as sources like car batteries can power them. Ukraine said last month that it would use Tesla Powerwall to deploy Starlink-based hotspots during power outages.

The Ukrainian government received numerous Starlink terminals from SpaceX shortly before Russia invaded. Since then, further shipments have been made possible by crowdsourcing and other countries. However, it is unclear if SpaceX has raised the price of the terminals provided for official use.

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