Sixth Take On Indian Telecom Industry – MNP & 3G

By December 9th, 2009 AT 3:09 PM

Sixth Take On Indian Telecom Industry – MNP & 3GAgain the same has happened which was just supposed to be, The Auctions pertaining to ‘MNP’ & ‘3G’ are again set to delay from there proposed dates, The 3G auction is again said to be delayed for 2-3 weeks more (rather now the date was almost an year late of what was proposed initially )

As par as Mobile Number Portability is concerned so yet again the excuse is that still some operators are not equipped to provide this facility also there are some talks down the line as to as ‘BSNL & MTNL’ that they will not be able to implement the system before April next year in view of the lack of time to twist the technology, tariff plans and billing. So this again seems for sure that we won’t be witnessing the MNP going live at 31 Dec 09 (its old proposed date prior it was Sep 09).

Delays-delays and delays all around changing the stride if we talk about the Price war now its more sort of a cold war type situation between the operators after everyone has launched per second pulse or 50p per minute flat & now the price war has taken shape in the attire of ROAMING charges by the operator now everyone is declining there Roaming tariffs just as to impress the customers hope that works for the telcos or just keeps a common man a lure of fantasies that there operator is so good care taker of them and after declining calling tariffs so much now they are taking care of there roaming too and at this instance they can talk at par when in roaming OR the real story is other way around it up to you whatever you take

So young guys who have bought new PDA’s & 3G handsets recently keeping in mind coming 3G launch don’t worry you will defiantly get bore of using them by the time u can have the privilege to use there capability on 3G network also there will be a new generation of handsets by that time in the market…..what to say on this………!!!!!

Again foraying about the detailed depth about MNP (also included in previous articles) here it follows for the esteemed readers or Telecom Talk …..

WHO WILL ULTIMATELY LOOK FOR MNP: Firstly use of MNP will be entertained amongst the youth segment and that too for getting group plans free/CUGs more low tariff’s, and mostly for those who calls to any one number particularly the most and want that they must pay the less they can or totally free.

Secondly MNP would be a thought for that person who is frustrated with his over-busy network during peak hours and daily ridicules the network, because of what use is a cellphone indeed if one cannot make an urgent call at his desired time. The same thought applies for a person who has to often roam out of his home network and he’ too once again becomes a victim of network not supporting him fully when in roaming or charges which are way too high!

Another factor affecting MNP will be “Word of mouth’” – yes and quite obviously there are very less people who read telecom articles & news. If one’s friend tells the other that he is getting N number of benefits in his or her plan given by this network and if plans are really affable this type of “Word of mouth” will generally influence an ideal customer to think about MNP. The fifth genre comes of ‘Operator loyal customers’ who are using a particular operator for years and don’t face network hazards often and are quite happy with the services, mostly this segment comprises of postpaid customers. This genre will be least prone to MNP. These were some of the scenarios related to MNP and there could be many had any one talked about the shifting of co-corporate connections in name of MNP if not than also give a thought.

All Our TELECOM TALK reader are invited to share their views freely on the current Indian telecom scenarios ‘healthy & beneficial discussions Not just lame comments please share your valuable views.

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