Samsung Teams Up With Play to Test 5G Trials

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The South Korean multinational company Samsung has teamed up with Polish mobile operator P4 operating under the Play brand to aid in conducting 4G and 5G trials in the capital city Warsaw. Samsung, in a press release, expressed its opinion on the partnership and stated that the trials would test the interoperability between Play’s 2G/3G network and the latest solutions developed by Samsung. The telco giant has a subscriber base of 15 million users that enjoys messaging, voice, video and data services. Play caters to both enterprise and non-enterprise customers by offering an array of intriguing plans.

Samsung R&D Institute Poland Will Take Part in 4G-5G Trial Run

As reported by Developing Telecoms, both Samsung and Play will verify the capacity and performance of Samsung’s 4G and 5G network equipment in the trial. The trials will be performed in Play’s Lab and commercial network. The press release rolled out by Samsung also revealed that Samsung R&D Institute Poland would also take part in the 4G-5G trial. However, the capacity is still not decided.

If you are not aware, the R&D Institute of Samsung is the largest research and development hubs in Poland. Also, the high-end software of Samsung electronics is created as per the official information. In the entire trial period, Samsung and Play will be testing 4G and 5G solutions that will also include Samsung’s 4G radios, 5G Massive MIMO radios and the 5G baseband unit of Samsung that supports both 4G and 5G frequencies. The R&D Institute of Samsung in Poland is also responsible for advancing 4G and 5G solutions and Network Function Virtualization cloud solutions.

Samsung Develops I-Cube4 Chip Packaging Technology

In other news, Samsung has developed a new chip packaging technology. The new chip is dubbed to be an efficient and faster chip with an innovative chip-packing technique. The new technology rolled out by Samsung is called I-Cube4, and it is an improved version of the I-Cube2 and X-Cube technologies. The I-Cube 4 chip is a 2.5D heterogeneous chip packaging innovation with multiple application uses such as CPU, GPU and NPU atop a silicon interposer. Not only this, but Samsung is also eyeing other robust technologies as the demand for super-efficient chips is increasing around the globe.

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