Samsung introduces Rs 17,500 buyback for Galaxy S3 users to buy Galaxy S5: The real deal

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Samsung has just introduced a buyback scheme for the Galaxy S5 worth Rs 17,500 (that's what Samsung says) for its older flagship, the Galaxy S3. The scheme is on the retail price suggested by Samsung (which is Rs 51,500) which brings down the price of the Galaxy S5 to Rs 34,000 but the deal is nowhere close to being as good as it sounds. Let us tell you why.

Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 can be bought through majority of the online as well as offline stores for about Rs 38,000-40,000 which in itself is about Rs 11,500 less than Samsung is claiming the price to be. If you own a Galaxy S3 and it is in a decent condition, it would easily fetch you about Rs 12,000-14,000 if you were to sell in the market. So if you have an S3 and want to upgrade to a S5, we suggest you sell it in on your own in the market.

This way, you can not only use that money to upgrade to the S5, but also save yourself a decent amount of money to be used elsewhere. The effective price for upgrading would drop down to about Rs 25,000-26,000 if you were to go in for the S5 by selling your S3. Samsung is simply cheating its customers by offering them lesser value for their older smartphones and is charging high for the new ones. Come on Samsung, don't cheat us!

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