Samsung Launches World’s First 3GPP-Compliant PS-LTE Network

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Today, the South Korean tech giant Samsung launched the world’s first 3GPP-compliant nationwide public safety LTE (PS-LTE) network in South Korea. Samsung joined hands with the top telecom operators of the country to make this possible. The PS-LTE network in concern will be operating in the 700 MHz spectrum to ensure better coverage and connectivity.

The speciality of this network is that the first responders will use it in case of an emergency, such as firefighters, police, special agencies, the military and more. This network will ensure that the communication between the first responders and the concerned parties isn’t interrupted due to the general public.

For those of you who don’t understand, when everyone is connected to a network with frequencies in the same spectrum band, it can create issues such as network congestion. Network congestion leads to issues such as call drops and slow data speeds. But this dedicated PS-LTE network of Samsung will ensure that the country's first responders don’t have to face any issues while communicating.

Samsung’s PS-LTE Network to Help Emergency Teams Respond Faster

The PS-LTE network deployment by Samsung includes the company’s Mission-Critical Push-to-Talk (MCPTT) with multimedia broadcast capabilities. It enables transmission for up to 2,500 user devices in a single cell that is almost twice the capacity of devices that the previous generation technology could support.

Samsung’s PS-LTE network solutions, including the MCPTT, will have a long-lasting effect on the public safety networks in international markets as well. During the time of buildout, the PS-LTE network was also connected with the existing LTE-Railway (LTE-R) and LTE-Maritime (LTE-M) networks operating in the 700 MHz frequency.

The nationwide coverage that this network will provide will allow public safety institutions to take actions faster. It could potentially save several lives as it enables real-time enhanced communication between the people stuck in emergencies and the safety institutions.

Samsung has been working on the PS-LTE network deployment since 2018 and has deployed it successfully today. The network can cover the whole nation meaning the first responders will be able to work even faster regardless of wherever they are.

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