Samsung Announces Neo QLED TVs, MicroLED TVs and The Frame 2021

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Samsung has announced the new flagship Smart TVs which will make way to the market in 2021. The new Smart TVs namely ‘Neo QLED TV’ and ‘MicroLED TV’ will arrive with improved backlighting, better contrast, and offer next-gen features such as Sign Language Zoom, Multi-Output Audio, and more. Samsung also announced its new ‘The Frame TV’ which will come this year with a thinner form and better features. Keep reading ahead to find out more about these Smart TVs.

Samsung Neo QLED TV

Samsung Neo QLED TV will be available in both 8K and 4K options. The Smart TV will use Quantum Mini LED, which is a next-gen light source. In addition to this, the Neo QLED TV will also use Quantum Matrix Technology of Samsung, which is said to provide balanced lighting with precise control of LEDs behind the display.

Together, the Quantum Mini LED, and the Quantum Matrix Technology allows the Smart TV to increase the luminance scale to 12-bit in 4,096 steps. It further results in an immersive HDR experience where the dark areas get darker, and the light areas become lighter.

The Neo QLED TVs will come with a bezel-less design and will be very slim in form. In the audio department, the Smart TV comes with Object Tracking Sound Pro, which is an advanced sound technology developed by Samsung. There will be Samsung Health, and Super Ultrawide GameView features pre-loaded in the Smart TV.

Samsung MicroLED TV

The Samsung MicroLED TVs will come in two different sizes, 110 and 99-inches. The Smart TV will come with 24 million individually-controlled micrometre-sized LED lights which will provide a great viewing experience to the user. It will offer 99% screen-to-body ratio display to the users. There is support for Majestic Sound which will enable the Smart TV to produce sound through 5.1 channel-audio output dropping the need of external speakers.


Samsung The Frame 2021

Samsung also announced the new version of ‘The Frame’. It is thinner than the previous version and matches the depth of how a traditional picture frame looks when hanged on the wall. The company is offering five different attachable bezel options with various customisation and colour options. Samsung said that it has sold over a million units of ‘The Frame’ TV since 2017 which is a good sign since the Smart TV is only made for a niche customer base and not the masses.


Samsung did not reveal the prices of the new Smart TVs. But one thing is for sure; the South Korean tech giant is all set to launch these Smart TVs later this year.


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