Rockstand app acquires CBSE Preparatory Materials

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Rockstand today announced the availability of ebooks from leading publishers like S.Chand & Co, Jiwan Publishing House (JPH Books), Full Marks, MBD Group, TERI Press, Lakshmi Publications, Har Anand and Jagran Josh to provide the finest quality CBSE study material to students across the nation.


Rockstand Digital is now fully equipped with high-quality CBSE preparatory material on its application and aspires to tackle and simplify the most difficult subjects of Classes 10 & 12. Student anxiety levels can now be reduced by adopting a smarter and convenient way of preparing for exams.

Reinforcing its intent of becoming a virtual knowledge marketplace, Rockland has been steadily increasing its exam preparatory content library and has over 30,000 academic, test preparation and entrance examination eBooks, live on the application. There is also a vast repository of reference materials for students of all age groups.

Rockstand provides an array of eBooks focusing on various subjects such as; analytical skills, verbal competency and logical reasoning among many others. A large collection of academic and reference eBooks along with coaching institute materials will enable students to make well-informed decisions and encourage independent learning and sharing.

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