Reliance Launches Innovative Marketing Campaign, Will Now Offer Customized Video Bill

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Reliance has come up with new TVC featuring Anushka and Rannvijay to pitch its latest offer ‘My Best Plan’ which focus on Bill Shocks and paying only for what you use concept .

Reliance Launches Innovative Marketing Campaign Will Now Offer Customized Video Bill

The integrated campaign will be complimented by a first of its kind app on Facebook, where a customized video bill will be generated for users basis of their Facebook data usage history this is something unique which no operators has come up with.

My Best Plan as the title suggests it’s a data plan that automatically adjusts itself to generate the lowest bill every month. This eliminates bill shocks and also takes away the hassle of choosing the right data plan basis a customer’s usage.My Best Plan concept is similar to Bharti Airtel’s 3G Flexi Shield plan wherein customers manage their high speed data usage and prevent ”bill shock’.

The My Best Plan is based on the consumer insight that most internet data dongle users have to predetermine their data usage and confine themselves to a fixed data usage plan. In fact they have to ensure that their usage is within the limits of the plan to avoid paying high over usage charges.

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