Reliance Jio JioLink Plans You Should Know About

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Reliance Jio JioLink

A lot of new Reliance Jio users don’t know this, but the company also offers something known as ‘JioLink’. The company doesn’t advertise a lot about this product for one reason, and that is a majority of users don’t really have any need for it. Despite this, this is for those users who are keen to know about what ‘JioLink’ is and what plans are available for the device that they can recharge with. Thus, before looking at the plans, let’s take a look at what JioLink is.

Understanding JioLink

JioLink is a 4G LTE modem that is offered by Reliance Jio to help with enhancing the 4G network coverage for a certain region or area. Even though it is a modem, it is not at all like the JioFi. JioFi was a hotspot device meant to provide network services to a very small number of users. However, the JioLink is a CPE device that can be installed in the house of the user from which a wireless connection with the 4G network can be provided.

The device utilises the company’s 4G network and spreads it over the house/office of the user through which one or multiple devices can connect at the same time. Another big distinction between the JioFi and the JioLink is that the latter is not portable. This device is mostly used by shops or malls where a lot of users are roaming and need stable network connectivity.

The employees of Reliance Industry Limited (RIL) were the first ones to receive the device on their hands for the testing of Jio’s 4G network. Once Jio made its 4G services live commercially, users didn’t really see a lot of value in purchasing a device such as JioLink. However, the device can still be procured from the company today in select regions, and Jio also offers plans on its website for the same.

If you own a JioLink device or are looking to own one, take a look at the JioLink plans available in the market today.

Reliance Jio JioLink Plans

Reliance Jio is offering a total of three plans under its JioLink services. The plans cost Rs 699, Rs 2,099, and Rs 4,199. The Rs 699 plan comes with a validity of only 28 days but offers 5GB daily data along with 16GB bonus data. So the total amount of data that the users get with this plan is 156GB.

The Rs 2,099 comes with a validity of 84 days + 14 bonus days = 98 days. This plan also offers users 5GB of daily data. But on top of the FUP data, users also get 48GB of bonus data. Lastly, the Rs 4,199 plan comes with a validity of 168 days + 28 bonus days = 196 days. Users get the same 5GB daily FUP data; however, there’s also 96GB of bonus data.

Note that the internet speed drops to 64 Kbps once the daily FUP data is consumed with all of the plans. Further, users get complimentary subscriptions to the Jio apps, including JioTV, JioCinema, JioSecurity, JioNews, and JioCloud.

These are the only three plans that are available for the users going for a JioLink subscription.

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