Now Reliance Jio Users Can Easily Set Caller Tunes Using JioTunes in MyJio App

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In the increasingly competitive telecom sector, the telecom operators are putting their focus and efforts on the content offerings to make their plans and services attractive. This focus has also been extended to the self-care apps of these companies, which are getting better and better each day. To ensure a noteworthy experience for every consumer, the telcos are providing music, video and other content apart from streamlining consumer service on their self-care applications. However, Reliance Jio is offering a distinct function on its popular MyJio app. Now, we already know that the telco has been offering free caller tunes, but going forward you will be able to easily manage your Reliance Jio caller tunes from the MyJio app, here’s how.

How to Manage Caller Tunes Using JioTunes inside MyJio

The feature that we are going to be talking about is the JioTunes feature inside the MyJio application. For those of you, who don’t know about the MyJio application it is worth noting that this is the self-care application from Reliance Jio and it is a convenient app in case you are a Reliance Jio subscriber. The app will let you check your data balance, quickly, recharge your number and do more. Now, previously the Reliance Jio subscribers who wanted to set Jio Tunes or caller tunes to their numbers had to do it from the Jio Music application. After downloading this app separately, the users had to look for their song, play it and tap on “Set as Jio Tune”.

However, the problem with this process was that it was tedious. Subscribers did not know which Jio Tunes were available for their number and they could not preview the tune also. They also had to download a new app on their device. But with the new JioTune section, you will be able to do all of that smoothly. You will need to open the MyJio app, after which you will have to tap the hamburger menu on the upper left side of the device. From the list, navigate to the JioTunes section. Here you will see a blank screen with a “Subscribe Now” button. Now tap on the Songs tab and go on searching for your JioTune. Reliance Jio is providing four tabs to choose from depending on genres and a list of new songs as well. Additionally, you will be able to search for your JioTune from the search bar as well. On the tune of your choice, tap "Set as JioTune".

MyJio Self-Care App Additional Features

Besides this new JioTunes feature in the MyJio app, Reliance Jio subscribers can use the MyJio app to manage their Reliance Jio account easily. The app will be a handy add-on on your phone as you will be easily able to check data balance, plan expiration date and other information related to your Jio account. In addition to this, you will also be able to recharge your number, connect to customer service, find the answer to queries and more on the MyJio application.

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