Realme Might Soon Launch New Realme Buds Air Neo With Better Features

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Realme introduced one very interesting product in its last launch at the end of 2019. In its launch event, Realme introduced its AirPods-like truly wireless buds which were names Realme Buds Air. These buds only come for Rs 3,999, and they promise up to 17 hours of playback time. However, there is another thing that Realme is planning on launching soon for its users. Until now, Realme has been using the UI of Oppo, which is called the ColorOS. Since Realme has been the sub-brand of Oppo, it makes sense. But, now it seems that Realme has plans of branching out fully from Oppo by introducing its own UI. This might make you think that what have the Realme Buds Air got to do with the Realme’s new UI. Well, it is quite possible that Realme on to the cusp of launching a new pair of truly wireless earbuds which could be a step above the previously launched Realme Buds Air. The newly teased Realme Buds Air Neo have been introduced in a video which also introduces the Realme UI. Here is all we know about the new earbuds from Realme.


Realme Buds Air Neo Details

In the video which Realme has put out detailing the features of the Realme UI, there is a new feature called the dual earphone connection. This feature does exactly what it says. The users of Realme UI will be able to connect both the wireless and the wired earbuds at the same time with the Realme UI. In a part of the video, the video mentions Realme Buds Air Neo connected to the device in the video which points out that the Realme Buds Air Neo might be the next in the agenda for Realme when it comes to launching accessories. It is worth noting that the Realme Buds Air Neo might be a little higher end as compared to the standard version of the Realme Buds Air launched for Rs 3,999. Some of the features which are missing on the standard version of the Realme Buds Air that might come in the Neo version might include active noise cancellation.

Realme UI to Come With Better UI

As for the rest of the video from Realme, which features more details about the Realme UI, we get to know that the Realme UI would be based on Android 10. The Realme UI will be rolled out to multiple devices later this year, and it would come with some new display customisations and animations which would be powered by Oppo’s Quantum Animation Engine which comes as the part of the ColorOS 7 and enhances the animations and display on the devices.

Realme Buds Air Features

As for the Realme Buds Air, Realme struck a chord with the people by giving them wireless earphones in this price range and a design which very closely resembles the AirPods. Although there are other options in the market for the same price range, the Realme Buds Air do come with great design, good bass output, and support for USB Type-C charging and Qi charging capabilities. But along with this, there were some little flaws with the Realme Buds Air as well, which included the touch controls that did not function as expected in some of the occasions. The average battery life was another one of the things which Realme could have focused on with the Realme Buds Air. However, it is expected that the Realme Buds Air Neo might be the ones that solve these problems along with packing some new features.

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