PUBG Mobile Lite Now Gets Team Deathmatch, New Guns and Other Add-Ons

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PUBG Mobile is easily the most popular game on mobile phones right now, and millions of people play it around the world. The game resonates with so many people because of the constant new updates, gears, and the maps which the players get to enjoy. PUBG Mobile also has a Lite version of its game for the players who are not on mobile phones with extensive resources. This means that the PUBG Mobile Lite game is able to run on smartphones which pack measly resources which are not exactly meant for gaming. Now this version of the game from PUBG, which is PUBG Mobile is slated to receive a new update which is the version 0.15.0 and is one of the first updates for PUBG Mobile Lite. One of the things that the players on PUBG Mobile players have enjoyed is the Team Deathmatch mode. In the team deathmatch mode, the players get in a map and try to get as many kills as possible to collect points with unlimited respawns. This was something that was not present on the PUBG Mobile Lite game. But, with this new update the Team Deathmatch mode, along with other add-ons has come on PUBG Mobile Lite.


PUBG Mobile Lite Team Deathmatch

PUBG has noted, “Today’s content update delivers an all-new game mode for PUBG MOBILE LITE, the 4v4 Deathmatch. Players are divided into two teams and dropped into the compact Warehouse map for close-quarters combat with various firearms including the M416, SCAR-L and Kar98 available at the spawn point. Players have unlimited respawns and must eliminate enemies to earn the most points in a certain amount of time. For added PUBG MOBILE LITE mayhem, high-level equipment such as Level Three armour and helmets, M249 light machine guns and RPG-7 rocket launchers are sprinkled throughout the Warehouse map.”

Not only the Team Deathmatch, but other features have also been added to the gameplay of PUBG Mobile Lite. For example, under social features, the player’s Teammate’s real-time status is now displayed during gameplay to provide additional intel to the player during combat. Enemy locations are also now displayed when players or teammates hit them. As for new equipment, there are three powerful new weapons and attachments are now available for players including MK47 Rifle, which is a 7.62mm 20-round marksman rifle and will be available on all maps, offering single-fire or burst modes and can be equipped with numerous attachments. The Skorpion is now also available on all maps. This is a powerful fully-automatic 9mm 20-round pistol can be equipped with a red dot sight, suppressor, foregrip and stock. Lastly, PUBG Mobile Lite also gets the 3x and 6x Scopes which can be equipped to most assault rifles, sniper rifles and sub-machine guns on all maps.

Additional Features on PUBG Mobile Lite

There is also the clan feature where the players can communicate and chat on the in-game chat channel. Players will also be able to showcase their characters with ranking display appearances, and MVP victory poses. As part of Winner Pass, the players will get new winter-themed in-game skins, and Lucky Air Drops along with an Arcade Spin event and advertisement rewards. Additionally, the in-game menu has been decorated with a festive holiday theme.

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