PressPlay TV’s android app goes for a makeover, iOS and desktop version to come soon

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The online video content streaming service PressPlay TV has announced a major makeover to its Android app. Besides turning into the lightest OTT app in India with 6MB size, it offers the users a wide range of new content from across 50+ channels including Bollywood, Lifestyle, Comedy, Sports etc.


The company also plans to launch the iOS and desktop versions of the app soon. Once released, this will make PressPlay TV a universal video streaming platform ‘on and off line’. The desktop users thus can watch long-form content like movies, TV shows etc. on their laptops or PCs.

“Our aim is to bring the best-in-class entertainment and to extend the whole experience for our users everywhere – over the internet. The Android, iOS apps along with the desktop browser will give us unparalleled reach amongst the target audience. With Desktop browser we will reach out to the PC & laptops users further expanding our penetration,” said Anand Sinha, Co-founder & CEO, PressPlay TV.

PressPlay TV is also forming partnerships with leading developers across genres to increase its content offerings. The company is known to have established partnerships with top companies in India such as Lehren TV, Sun Network, Sony India, Fever 104 to name a few.

The contents on PressPlay TV is also of varied durations. Hence, the users can watch various videos ranging from two minutes to hours long contents. The PressPlay TV content is currently monetized by advertising. The company is planning to introduce new revenue streams like SVoD (Subscription Video on Demand) and TVoD (Transaction Video on Demand).

“The rich content across varied categories makes PressPlay TV an alluring proposition for the user. And all these add-up to make PressPlay TV a must-have fun app on your smart device - our new logo is designed to set the mood for unlimited fun and play anytime, anywhere,” Sinha said.

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