Do Postpaid Plans Have Lost Significance Because Of Cheaper Prepaid Plans?

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Prepaid connection refers to the payment made in advance, and cellular services are availed afterwards. On the other hand, the postpaid connection is one in which a subscriber avails the cellular services first and then pays for it. Generally, a deposit is taken by the operator for a postpaid SIM connection. Earlier we only had postpaid connections offered by the operators. As time passed on and with fall in the price of mobile phones, telecom operators started offering prepaid services.


Earlier employed class availed postpaid connections, whereas unemployed class took prepaid connections. Now with cheaper prepaid plans, the demarcation line between the two type of users have thinned out. A prepaid subscriber can change his call plan any time of the month. Most of the telecom operators allow change of postpaid plans only from next billing cycle.

It is easier to port a prepaid number than a postpaid number. Porting requests are refused by the operator even if one paisa is due on the subscriber’s side. So, it is always advisable to convert to prepaid and then port to another telecom operator with a cost effective plan. Postpaid customers are given credit limit which is usually more than the plan value.

If a subscriber’s outstanding payment amount crosses the credit limit, cellular services will be stopped till the bill payment is done. Prepaid users do not have such credit limit or grace period in plan validity. The service provider rewards postpaid users who maintain a good credit history in terms of more credit value or offer.

Plan NameRs.499Rs.649
Plan CostRs.499Rs.649
Validity70 days.30 days
Data 1.25 GB per day.7 GB
Call Quality4G4G
Data reset time12 AMBilling Cycle
Effective cost per day.Rs.7.13Rs.21.63
Recharge AvailabilityOnline, Retailer and AppOnline and App
RestrictionFair usage policy for calls.Fair usage policy for calls.
OfferCashback on payment through Airtel Payment Bank.

As of now, prepaid plans are getting cheaper than postpaid plans across all operators. It’s advisable to look at the benefits of the type of subscription one opts for. With the fall in handset price, a subscriber can use the postpaid and prepaid sim in the same mobile. Thereby using the postpaid sim with a low rate basic plan if a need arises.

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