PayMate Launches Pilot Run For Rural Financial Services

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Paymate Launches Pilot Run For Rural Financial ServicesPaymate today announced the launch of multiple financial inclusion projects through Kshetriya Gramin Financial Services entities.

As a part of this initiative, the company has unveiled a mobile phone based person-to-person money transfer initiative in the Delhi to Uttarakhand corridor as well as piloted a micro-loan repayments in villages in Ganjam, Orissa.

Using a combination of a float model and mobile equipped agents, registered agents of Dhanei KGFS located at remote villages are able to visit the customer to collect payment in cash while using a mobile phone to register the payment against the customer’s unique account ID via SMS.

The solution comes equipped with a real time dynamic MIS for Dhanei KGFS to check all the payments and filter it by agent, customer, date and transaction and even download it for future reference.

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