OTT Platforms Such as Prime Video and Netflix Should be Regulated: Supreme Court

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Over-the-top (OTT) platforms have become the go-to options for users seeking entertainment from their homes. Even after the re-opening of cinemas across the country, people are still scared to walk into big halls filled with other people because of the pandemic. Since OTT content is being consumed at the highest rate ever, the Supreme Court (SC) has said that some regulations should be put on the platforms distributing or availing content to the users. According to a Reuters report, the SC believes that some sort of screening mechanism should be put on the online video streaming platforms.

Some Sort of Screening for OTT Platforms Important Believes SC

The US streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are ruling the OTT market in India. None of these platforms’ content is being regulated or screened before it is released for the users in India.

Some of the lawmakers from political parties of the country believe that the OTT platforms show content that is offensive towards the religious beliefs of Indians. Thus the SC has asked for some regulations to be put in place against the content of OTT platforms.

The remarks on the SC issue came when it was hearing a plea from Aparna Purohit, Amazon Prime Video content head for India.

Purohit was arrested for showing Hindu gods in a derogatory manner and offending the religious beliefs of Indian people. The SC will hear more on the case on Friday.

The government has asked the OTT platforms to classify the content into five categories based on their appropriateness for different age groups. At present, no major regulations are governing the content released on the OTT platforms.

Both telcos and the SC is after the government to bring regulations to the OTT platforms as soon as possible. The SC had told the centre last month that it cannot accept any more delays on the matter and had asked the government to file an affidavit citing what it was doing to regulate the platforms.

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