OneWeb and IP Access International Partner to Deliver High-Speed Broadband Across the US

OneWeb and IP Access International have formed a distribution partnership to provide low Earth orbit connectivity throughout the United States. This collaboration will enable IP Access to offer dependable, fast internet connectivity, regardless of the location.


  • Integration of satellite services and terrestrial cellular providers for seamless communication.
  • OneWeb marks significant progress toward global connectivity with completed satellite constellation.
  • Partnership bridges digital divide, empowering underserved regions with enhanced connectivity.

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OneWeb and IP Access International Partner to Deliver High-Speed Broadband Across the US

Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite communications company, OneWeb, has joined forces with terrestrial and space-based mobile connectivity provider IP Access International to announce a Distribution Partnership Agreement to deliver high-speed, low-latency broadband connectivity across the United States.

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Seamless Integration

Under this partnership, IP Access International will seamlessly integrate OneWeb's satellite services with major terrestrial cellular providers across the US, according to the joint statement. This integration will offer resilient mobile communications via a single service plan and support centre.

As per the statement, OneWeb's LEO constellation will be the first to be integrated into IP Access International's SuperGIG service. SuperGIG is a connectivity solution designed explicitly for critical mobile operations in public safety and enterprise sectors, seamlessly aggregating terrestrial and space-based networks.

Enhanced Connectivity

According to the statement, OneWeb's LEO technology will complement existing IP Access International services, expanding connectivity to rural areas beyond cellular coverage and urban regions affected by events such as natural disasters.

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IP Access emphasized the transformative potential: "With the OneWeb LEO constellation, our SuperGIG solution will be even faster with lower latency. This will be a game-changer for our clients."

OneWeb highlighted the added value: "Adding OneWeb's high-performance, low-latency connectivity to the IP Access International portfolio gives customers a new and even more robust solution to ensure they meet their mission, regardless of local connectivity services currently in place."

Bridging the Digital Divide

OneWeb says this partnership aligns with its mission to bridge the digital divide, empowering internet service providers, telecommunication companies, and community leaders to deliver broadband services to previously unconnected or underserved areas.

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Towards Global Connectivity

This agreement follows OneWeb's completion of its global satellite constellation, marking a significant stride toward achieving complete global connectivity.

OneWeb and IP Access International have joined forces to bring better broadband access to the US by integrating satellite and terrestrial networks. This will improve communication resilience and bridge digital gaps across the country.

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