Now Even Your Fingers Add Security To Your Touch Screen Mobile

By November 7th, 2010 AT 6:24 PM

How if you question? “Fingerprint Scanner” is our answer.Fingerprint scanner is an application developed by ThinkChange that you need to install so that you can use  finger print to lock and unlock phones ,particularly Nokia Symbian S60 5th Edition  phones like 5800 and N97.

At first we were surprised how this application works on a Resistive Touch  screen depending on the fingerprint,But found out that this app does not work actually considering the fingerprint of a person and that’s a stimulation.

How It Works:

This app does not work on finger print but it counts the number of times the screen has been touched by the user when the Scan interface comes into action which is set by the authorized user and unlocks according to it.

Suppose If a user set it to count 5 the phone unlocks only if any user touches the screen consecutively 5 times accompanied by a beep/vibration as an indication that his/her touch is recognized. But if any user touches it less than 5 times the phone will not unlock.  So it’s just a stimulation acting as if a  phone unlocks when the  finger print is recognized.

You can have a trial of the App from Ovi Store.

The app is available both in free and paid versions,but free version has nothing to do with.It can be used just to have a look at the user interface and options,where as the paid version (fully unlocked) lets you lock your phone.

What we feel:

This app is just a fancy app which gives professional fingerprint scanner look,though providing security, it can easily be unlocked by kids even if they touch it the required number times unknowingly.But we suggest to try the app to experience the application.


1)A professional look with no confusion acting just like a finger print scanner.

2)This app can  be used to lock the phone and throw a challenge to friends.


1)Can be easily unlocked

2)No security.

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