Now Block Unwanted Calls,SMS Using Blackballer

Now Block Unwanted Calls,SMS Using BlackballerAre you busy enough to divert the adverts or just fed up with the spam calls or sms?

Killer Mobile  Software has come up with a best call management utility .It’s none other than the Blackballer Blacklist app which is the first app to combine both call/sms filtering.

Blackballer is an advanced app that silently rejects the calls from restricted numbers .Blackballer comes with new Smart Reject Sensor system which allows you to modify your filter lists on the fly.

When i first used it ,i dint find  anything interesting or useful but after days passed by my opinion changed. This app particularly comes in handy to business people who don’t find time to mess with their mobile.

Especially this comes handy in daily life when we are busy driving or in meeting , a call from repeated unknown number rings up, we immediately stop our works thinking it is someone urgent and we end up listening to a caller tune promo or congrats you are the lucky winner of today message. This is what Nonsense I feel and particularly those numbers should be blacklisted. Some people may intentionally spam if you are a victim of spam calls or sms then this app is for you.

This app runs in the background, filters spam and also intelligently asks you to blacklist any number automatically if you reject a call by yourself once. Sounds good! Isn’t it? So you need not manually enter any particular number after you reject call from it, once you wish to add it to Black list.

You can even make multiple Blacklists in Pro version. You have even option for selecting handling instructions for each individual number. This enables you to block only sms or call or even both.

The BlackBaller Lite is a free feature reduced version which reject Calls & SMS’s and rid yourself of annoying callers – even filter Unknown/Private/Withheld numbers. You can even take advantage of its exclusive Spam DB feature and report Spam Callers or even download the most recent Spam list for India. Lite version limits you to 5 numbers on your list, as well as the use of the Spam DB numbers for your country.

As seen from the screenshots you have options even to update the spam database periodically by connecting to your preferred access point, so no matter you will be updated with the latest spam numbers in your country.

The Lite version also alerts you incase if you are exiting from the app unintentionally, this informs you that “it even don’t run in the background and no filtering takes place.”

You can download the App from Nokia OVI store,Windows Mobile ,Android and Blackberry users can download the same from its official portal

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sham lal
November 8, 2010 9:59 am 9:59 AM

it is very good thing and will help an individual alot to avoid unwanted calls and sms

November 6, 2010 5:11 pm 5:11 PM

good information and appreciatory for the copy paste!

November 6, 2010 1:50 pm 1:50 PM

Mcleaner is the best app ever, all apps give a slight ring to the caller and then disconnect or reject the call. but Mcleaner does not… try it