Nimo Planet Everyday Productivity Smart Glasses Available for Pre-Order Now

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Nimo Planet has been developing a Smart Glass for quite some time now. It is a Kochi, Kerala based Indian startup thus it will be a direct competition to the JioGlass announced in the 43rd Annual General Meet of Reliance Industries Limited. The deeptech startup launched its first Smart Glass back in 2018 and is about to launch the beta version that has been developing for two years very soon. Nimo Planet has made the Smart Glasses available on their website and they can be pre-ordered right now.

Nimo Planet Smart Glasses

Nimo Planet Smart Glasses are designed to help you work from anywhere you wish to. The Smart Glasses come with a custom based Android operating system which is Planet OS. These Smart Glasses can support multi-screen functionality.

You can potentially run apps such as Microsoft Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, and more. You can open one app in multiple windows as well. Along with that, multiple apps can be run at the same time. On the right, you can run YouTube and on the left, you can browse through the internet.

The multi-screen feature though is not just limited to 2 screens. You can actually open up to 6 screens at the same time. All the 6 screens will be floating right in front of you in the real world.

If you are wondering about how you will navigate through apps and type something if you want to, then know that the Nimo Planet Smart Glasses can pair up with Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. You can literally take the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse with you to anywhere you are travelling, put on the Smart Glasses and start working. Along with that, you can also plug-in the Nimo Planet Smart Glasses with your iPhone, Android smartphone, and Laptop.

There are more than 1,000 apps in the Planet Store which you can download and use. The display is the most important thing for these Smart Glasses. You will view apps in 60-inch HD (3 meters away) when using multi-screen.

The Nimo Planet Smart Glasses come with 4GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage, SoC from Qualcomm, Wi-Fi, Voice Assistant support, and USB-C port. The Smart Glasses can run up to 4 hours from one complete charge.

Nimo Planet Smart Glasses Pre-Order

There are two variants of Nimo Smart Glasses available for pre-order at the moment. First one is the Nimo Quasar Limited Edition Smart Glass. It has an MRP of $699 but during the pre-sale, it will come at a discount of 50% thus reducing its price to $349. It comes in Black colour. The amount is refundable until the time the product is shipped. There is also a shipping charge included.

The Second variant of the Smart Glass is Nimo Smart Glass. It has an MRP of $699 as well. But it is available at a 40% discount and comes in White colour. So after the discount, its price reduces to $419. You can pay $29 for the pre-order and then pay the rest $390 with shipping charges at a later date to get your Smart Glasses.

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