Whoa! MTS Draws FUP on Its Unlimited On-Net Packs

Whoa! MTS Draws FUP on Its Unlimited On-Net PacksOh no! We are helpless to say that MTS has now put a limitation on its Unlimited On-Net pack in Kolkata & ROB circle. It is obvious Airtel’s show off of tariff hike against the wind goes blockbuster hit among operators.

The MRP of this pack is Rs.98 which remains unchanged but the benefits is cut down heavily.

Previously it would allow a customer to enjoy Local On-Net (MTS 2 MTS) calling without any FUP or true unlimitedly.

But now it will allow to enjoy free calling upto 1200 Mins( 20 hours).






Local MTS To MTS Unlimited Free Calling for 30 days

Local MTS To MTS Free Calling upto 1200 Minutes for 30 days

Don’t know how you will take this. But from beginning we used to see cheap unlimited local On-Net calling (Remember MDA’s RIM era) especially from CDMA segment as because of NIL termination charge and superior CDMA techs. However seems all operators wanna going through same path i.e. hiking tariff.

Update: MTS completely withdraws all unlimited onnet monthly pack in these circles and introduces some new packs. MTS brings new range of onnet minute packs, as follows:

Rs Benefits Valid for
98 1200 min onnet local calls (per minute customers only) 30 d
148 2000 min onnet local calls (per minute customers only) 30 d
175 4000 min onnet local calls (per minute customers only) 30 d
12 Unlimited mts2mts local call (per second customers only) 24 hr
13 Unlimited mts2mts local call (per minute customers only) 24 hr

These packs are available only on E-recharge. For more details visit MTS Store or call 155 toll free to MTS care.

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neeraj biyani
September 16, 2011 10:00 am 10:00 AM

mts had withdrawn 999 rs. pack in raj. now it is limited

MTS Kerala User
August 31, 2011 1:42 am 1:42 AM

sri :
TRAI! Are you regulating or rotating the telecom providers? What are you doing? Is it one INDIA or many INDIAS in ONE INDIA. What are these circles and what is this confusion. TRAI seems to be useless and creating confusion to common man. State wise, circle wise, location wise……..what all these tariff plans. TRAI–you are best suited to Pakistan and Afghanistan, please go there.

Finally great to see a Indian Here. Dayanidhi Maran may be involoveld in corruption, but in his tenure he was pushing for ALL INDIA LOCAL. Now none seems wanting it.

August 30, 2011 9:26 pm 9:26 PM
Hari : Kiran.h : @selvam Are u nuts?? cant u calculate properly before making any comments!! its already known that u dont use ur brain while commenting but Friend, atleast use little bit of it. 43rs for 1000mins will cost u 4.3p/min (0.043Rs/min) & for heaven sake stop advertising abuot BSNL, this is the only Telecom operator which still doesnt has MARKETING TEAM & still expects customers to visit BSNL selected outlets to purchase sim/Recharge. U might be having time & patience to vist but many ppl cannot afford 1-2hrs to just recharge. Have u ever looked at QOS of… Read more »