MTNL to shut down CDMA operation in Mumbai

Following BSNL’s move to close down CDMA operations in various regions, MTNL has also decided to shut down CDMA operations in Mumbai circle.


Taking a cue from lower customers on CDMA network and lesser revenue generation, many of the state-run telcos are shutting down these CDMA-based services. Most of such operators end surrendering CDMA spectrum to the government, in order to generate some amount to overhaul their debt-ridden accounts.

In Mumbai, MTNL was using 2.5 MHz of spectrum in 800 Mhz band for CDMA, which was valid till 2018.

MTNL stated in an official statement,”As per the policy decision, MTNL is closing its CDMA Garuda Services w.e.f 29-2-2016. These services include CDMA Garuda FW and Mobile services of postpaid and prepaid,”

It clearly means that the MTNL customers in Mumbai including cellular and Garuda Fixed Wireless would be directly affected by this decision. However, unlike BSNL; MTNL hasn’t announced any compensation for affected CDMA users to upgrade to GSM or Landline phones.

MTNL has not revealed what it would do with the unused CDMA spectrum. We assume, that like other telcos, MTNL might also end up surrendering it to the government.

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Ranganathan Rajagopalan
March 3, 2016 7:03 am 7:03 AM

Voice clarity with CDMA is as good as HD Voice.
Access to CDMA phones are easy.

EVDO data is consistent and reliable

CDMA Phone signals are more secured

MTNL should revise its shut down decision

March 3, 2016 12:43 am 12:43 AM

cdma are mostly are postpaid user. we have five connection with friends circle all are post paid evdo user. my self using since 2010.

we all are quite happy service & product.

bsnl should not shut down evdo its bsnl top confused management who do not see potential in low cost wireless broadband internet.

if bsnl will advitise & increase cdma bts sure people will buy this.

S Gopal
March 3, 2016 1:11 am 1:11 AM

I, too, have been a BSNL EVDO user for many years. I have always felt that it was the dark horse from BSNL’s stables and had a lot of potential to give Tata Docomo and Reliance EVDO services a run for its money, however, it was always treated by BSNL with a step-child attitude especially after the much hyped launch of 3G services. The speeds that I received were uniformly above 2 Mbps and usually close to 3 Mbps. The unlimited plan on postpaid was the preferred plan for me.

March 3, 2016 12:05 am 12:05 AM

MTNL has already surrendered this spectrum back in August 2015 and it had also been put up for sale in the last 850MHz auction and Tata docomo won it. It is probably just that now they are officially shutting the CDMA service so the spectrum can be allotted to Tata.

March 5, 2016 10:05 pm 10:05 PM

@Esmail According to TT Spectrum sheet. MTNL still holds 2.5 Mhz of spectrum in 800/850 Mhz band. It probably had 5 Mhz earlier and had surrendered 2.5 Mhz.

If MTNL surrenders it now, it may be auctioned in next auction. RJIO may take advantage of this.