MTNL Launches Mobile Social Networking Service oc2ps in Mumbai

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In its endeavor to provide High Quality Mobile Value Added services, India’s first 3G GSM Mobile service providers Mahanagar Telephone Nigam (MTNL) today announced the launch of innovative “oc2ps” a Mobile Social Networking service that gives people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.

MTNL’s new VAS “oc2ps” is now available for its Postpaid and Prepaid GSM (2G/3G) Mobile service (Dolphin/Trump) in Mumbai telecom circle at free of cost however data usage charges will be applicable. “oc2ps” is a mobile social networking application conceived with mobile as primary channel of usage.

From mobile friendly sign-up to Free Phone Book backup, FaceBook, twitter and from location tagging of content to suggesting third party mobile application “oc2ps” covers every possible scenario where mobile phone can be integrated to your social network . It is a refreshing take on Mobile centric approach to social network.

How to Use-: To access oc2ps, a user needs to sign up using a mobile number or Email ID.The user can create his/her own user name as Email or Mobile No & password.The services will be free to MTNL customers up to 25 January 2011.

Social Networking-: For signing up please type on WAP address ,click on mobile number link or Email ID link to sign up. User needs to fill the sign up form & create the account. Search for people by entering search criteria,e.g. Deepika Female Delhi. Get the list of people matching the criteria. Select a person to view his/her profile .Send a request to add that person to friends list. The request is received by the other person. If the person accepts the request, he/she is added to buddy list.

Messaging-: Messaging allows one oc2ps user to send a text message to his/her friends . Go to the list of friends and select a friend ,select the link named “Msg” .Write the message & click on “send” button .The message is received by the friend .The friend can send a message back. User can integrate their Face Book and Twitter account to update status comments on friends post or tweet.

Phone Backup-: This feature allows the oc2ps users to store all the contacts residing on their phone on oc2ps.In case they misplace their mobile phone, they can still access their contacts using oc2ps.To use this feature, users must have a backup application on their phone. In case they do not, they can download it from oc2ps.Go to the backup application on the phone .Choose “sync” from the phone menu .Go to oc2ps to view the uploaded contacts.

Application & Application Store-: Application store is a directory of applications such as java Games, Dictionary, News reader etc. users can download these applications and install it on their mobile phone and use it. Go to application catalogue, either browse the catalogue or search for an application. Download and install the application.

Beam-: MTNL User can upload photos, audio, video or simply a post and tag with a location .Share with friend and follow other beams. Create beam in 3 simple steps and add location to it. Beam can be created with a post and/or with rich media. Share and follow beams to get updates.

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