TT Poll : Mobile VAS, is it really driving the Indian telecom market ?

Most of you might be even afraid to use the acronym – VAS, especially in mobile to consumer segment category. VAS is a commonly used acronym for Value Added Service which is a popular term in telecommunications sector to offer services to customers beyond the core services like SMS, voice and data. These services may be available for free or charged based on the quality/quantity provided by operators themselves or may be created/offered by Content providers to promote their business via their core services. Of course, with the innovation of our telecom operators and various ethical/unethical activation procedures followed this term now became an enemy to end users.

Leaving behind all the odd scenarios aside, now we have a poll on TT to gather feedback from users on the overall scenario of VAS which shares a considerable portion of the mobile industry in driving the market.

Dear readers, go ahead and participate in this poll. Also, do let us know your opinion on this poll conducted.

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6 Comments on "TT Poll : Mobile VAS, is it really driving the Indian telecom market ?"


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February 9, 2015 10:42 am 10:42 AM
VAS services andtheir innovations are good. But the VAS activation charges are insane. Asking for pyaing Rs 30 a month for MCA is insane in this time. The most intriguing fact is that telecos have never reduced VAS charges after launching them. The charges might be reasonable to an extend at the time of lauch. Because mostly they could be innovative (like Hello tunes, which caught the subscribers as a wild fire, which turned out to be a craze once), or they could be extremely useful (like MCA, which is a very useful VAS), or a particular operator could be… Read more »
Kanaga Deepan N
February 8, 2015 10:54 pm 10:54 PM

Nice poll dear Sri K… The current situation is that, VAS is a tool used by telecom operators to steal customers money and for customers VAS is a very very bad word…

February 8, 2015 9:58 am 9:58 AM

@Srikapardhi: The survey idea is fantastic. Just one suggestion though, make the 9th question non-compulsory or add a NA option to it. People like me who never use VAS don’t really know how satisfactory it is. It may pollute the survey results. Thanks

February 8, 2015 11:53 am 11:53 AM

Hi, Thank you. you can still rate on how you feel reg. the services available even if you don’t use one. Updated the description accordingly. 🙂