Mobile Codes List Updated 2012

Hello TT Readers !! Hope the New Year has been treating you all well?

Here is the latest version of our ever-popular MOBILE CODES LIST.

Same has been updated to include the following :

(a) Landline STD codes : These are codes starting with 7xxx & 8xxx that, at first glance, could be mistaken for a mobile call… however when checked is actually an STD call.

(b) Tele-Marketeers codes added : now, easily know from where / which operator a Tele-Marketeer has called you (ie. ‘1409xx’ series allotted to TMs)

(b)Partial Mobile Codes : with number series already become a scarce resource, the DoT (Department of Telecommunication) has decided to allocate “partial series” to operators (eg: 8729x, 8743x etc) while previously full series were released to operators (eg: 87290/1/2/3/4…9, 87430/1/2/3/4…9).

(c)Shared Mobile Codes : in continuation of the scarce number series availability, the DoT has further divided its numbers among operators (eg: ‘8585’ would belong to both Airtel (Kolkata) as well as Vodafone (Delhi)).

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Manoj D
December 17, 2013 1:17 pm 1:17 PM


There are few corrections (wrong codes maybe), please check out…

Bihar/Jharkhand Aircel (Bihar Telecom Circle)
Reliance CDMA 3033-3333 405-03 (mnc code is wrong)

Himachal Pradesh
Reliance CDMA 3033-3333 405-08

Madhya Pradesh & Chattisgarh
Reliance CDMA 3033-3333 405-14

Reliance CDMA 3033-3333 405-17

MTS 9875-155155 404-00 (MNC code 00 is reserved maybe)

Tamil Nadu
Reliance GSM – ROTN + Chennai 1800-100-3333 405-04 (MNC 04x series is used, hence 04 not correct)
Reliance CDMA – Chennai 3033-3333 405-84 (same as above, 84x series is used)

West Bengal Aircel (includes Andaman & Nicobar Islands)
Reliance CDMA – KOL 3033-3333 405-12
Reliance CDMA – ROB 3033-3333 405-23

Jammu & Kashmir
Airtel 99060-12345 405-055 (MNC code must be 55)

Janak Kumar Yadav
June 22, 2013 10:32 pm 10:32 PM

Awesome piece of article from DB. But, following ur info on shared Mobile codes, the mobile code 85850 and 85858 is alloted for Airtel in Kolkata telecom circle but its not available for its customers till now in June 2013 yet. Don’t know what AirTel will do without releasing this mobile code as of now. While 85859 is successfully alloted and utilised by Delhi Vodafone users! kindly have a check on this if you can!

January 12, 2012 7:51 pm 7:51 PM

Kudos, DB for updation useful info !