Microsoft will let Windows 10 run iOS and Android applications

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The Microsoft BUILD conference has brought along with it a really pleasant announcement. Microsoft has announced that it will let the developers port their Android and iOS apps in order to bridge the gap that Windows has as a platform due to the lack of apps when compared to its counterparts.

Windows 10 - 3

Microsoft will be providing the developers with the tools to use the original code of their applications for porting their applications to Windows 10. Developers can now use Android, iOS, Web, .NET and Web32 code and port their apps as a universal Windows 10 application (i.e. it can run on tablet, PC or smartphone).

This is something similar to what BlackBerry did with its BB OS 10.3 where it allowed Android developers to port their apps to its operating system to make up for the lack of apps on its store. The move from Microsoft is expected to spark in a lot of interest from the developer community as they can now use a single code to reach different platforms (smartphones, Xbox One, tablets, computers) across different operating systems.

Windows 10 will also bring support for developers to help them convert a website into an application for a better integration. The developers can then make use of functionalities such as notifications, in-app purchases and Xbox Live integration once they port the same. Microsoft is looking to expand its ecosystem as that has been the only chink in its armour.  Now that issue this might just get sorted out in near future, we might just see Windows 10 being adopted by the masses and developers at a brisk pace.

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