Microsoft takes over from Nokia to develop HERE maps

The HERE maps service, which is one of the key features of Nokia’s Lumia software package, will not be developed by Nokia for Windows Phone anymore. Microsoft, which acquired Nokia’s mobile phone business, will be taking charge of development of HERE maps from now onwards.

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Nokia is now moving on to developing HERE Maps for other platforms such as Android and iOS. The HERE Maps app is already available for Android and it will be launched for iOS by early next year. The HERE Maps service is one of the best maps and navigation service out there and I can personally vouch for it. It allows the user to download the maps and use it for offline navigation. This functionality comes in quite handy when there is poor or no internet connectivity.

Nokia’s Z launcher app for Android has been off to a positive start. The Finnish company also wants to develop a few productivity apps for other platforms rather than sticking to Windows Phone. Microsoft will pay Nokia license fees for the use of HERE Maps service and will be updating the app in the future.


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December 21, 2014 11:23 pm 11:23 PM

location links from Google search in chrome browser for android still open only with Google maps, even if you have set here maps as the default navigation app.