Microsoft initiates removal of old apps from the Windows store

Microsoft had been having a tough time in keeping its Windows Store updated. The issue was mainly due to app developers’ laziness in updating their apps for Windows Store. Earlier this year, Microsoft issued a warning for permanent removal of un-updated apps from the Windows Store. Now, in action to make its new guidelines clear, Microsoft has reportedly removed 90,000 apps from its Windows Store in Italy.

Windows Store apps removal

Italy is the first country where Microsoft took the first step, which means that it can apply it to other nations as well. Microsoft told the developers that their apps could be eliminated if they fail to update their apps as per a new mandatory classification of Windows Store apps by age. Developers were requested to answer a questionnaire based on the International Age Rating Coalition’s age rating system.

As per the statistics, on September 26, a total number of app in Windows Store (Italy) were 329,507 and on October 19, the count decreased to 239,216, which marks a decline of 90,291 applications. This count excludes the apps that were eliminated by Microsoft in other markets.

The main reason behind the action is that developers are more focused on iOS and Android platform than Windows. Most of the apps have been left isolated for Windows platform and have not been updated since ages. Removing 90,000 apps at once might be a big blow for those who are still sticking to Windows Phones in Italy. Truth be told, this action might not even bother a lot of developers as they have been purposely ignoring Windows Phones due to small user count. We hope this step calls for a positive reaction from app developers so that Windows Phone users can use updated apps.


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October 31, 2016 2:28 pm 2:28 PM
Microsoft is no more a software company, it’s now a cloud + security + software + hardware company. If store apps are non compliant with the current security and certification standards then they ought to be thrown out of the store. Security is always first at Microsoft. Even Azure, the most intelligent cloud, has more certifications than any other cloud service providers out there. Microsoft —> Gold standard in Productivity and Security. Google on the other hand purge them only when developers default on their ad-analytics policy. User’s security is not in their priority list because 90% of the revenue… Read more »
October 31, 2016 2:15 pm 2:15 PM

Windows mobile is dead. Why doesnt MS just admit it and shut it down?


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