MIB asks MSOs to sign an affidavit, a move to hide its license delay

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Ministry of Information Broadcasting (MIB) has directed the multi-system operators (MSOs) to sign an affidavit stating a clearance of criminal cases against them and their approval in shutting down the service in case of any discrepancies found in the later stage.

This move has popped up during a scenario when MSO license clearances are getting delayed from Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). According to reports, around 700 applications are pending with MIB or MHA under digital addressable system.

MIB has also informed the MSOs that the ministry will not be responsible for any repayments, in case if the services are shut down on security reasons. The latest move to take the norms in the form of affidavit, although stated to be as a part of legal sanctity, is hinted to prevent MSOs from approaching Court on being denied permanent registration.

“A large number of applications for grant of MSO registrations have been received in the Ministry. All complete applications have been sent to Ministry of Home Affairs for security clearance, as security clearance is mandatory as per rule11C of the Cable TV Networks Rules, 1994 for grant of MSO registration,” Ministry said.

As per the 11E of the Cable TV Networks Rules 1994, provisional registrations can be issued to the MSOs after a preliminary scrutiny of the applications. However, in case if the regular registration is cancelled in the later stage, provisional registrations too will lose its validity.

Applicants with incomplete information, lack of affidavit, those who are denied of licenses earlier etc. are not eligible for obtaining provisional registration.

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