Loop Mobile Offers Local and STD Voice SMS Just for 30paisa

Mumbai’s oldest GSM Mobile Service Operator Loop Mobile (formerly BPL Mobile) in a latest move has now chosen to delight its mobile service users by offering lowest rates for the exciting Voice SMS service.

Loop Mobile slashed the tariff of its Voice SMS service and now Local and STD “Voice SMS” will cost just 30 paisa per Voice SMS to anywhere in India.

Loop Mobile is hoping to leverage these technologies to introduce innovative and affordable multimedia VAS, as well as micro-segmented tariffs for its subscribers. Recently the operator also launched MMS for just Rs.1 offer as we shared on TelecomTalk.  Loop has it all to charm its target oriented group which mainly constitutes youth.

There are times when keying in an SMS is a hassle. Besides, who wants to work with a keypad when you can speak right from your heart! With Loop Voice SMS, you can now give a voice to your SMS without typing just for 30paisa per voice SMS to your loved one.

It’s simple, fun and a whole lot more personal. Your thoughts can speak any language or even sing a song.

Key Characteristics

  • Works on any SMS handset
  • No changes to the handset
  • Value add and a new SMS feature over Voice.

How to send a Voice SMS?

    • Dial * followed by the Recipient’s phone number, *Mobile Number
    • Record a message for the recipient for a maximum of 30 seconds
    • Hang-up or Press 1 to send the message
    • Press 2 to listen to the recorded message
    • Press 3 to re-record the message
    • Press * to cancel sending the message
    • Press any other key to hear the options.

For more details dial 98210-99800 or 800 from Loop Mobile.

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June 26, 2011 11:08 pm 11:08 PM


June 26, 2011 10:21 pm 10:21 PM

After reading this I called CC of Loop Mobile and the CC guy dont know what is Voice SMS!!!. He started telling me about Voice Mail instead, I told him that Voice SMS is different but he says, it is Voice Mail and not SMS.
Sir peetnay ko dil ho raha tha.

Vinayak Pai
June 26, 2011 10:13 pm 10:13 PM

Is there any special tariff to activate for availing this call rate? Or is applicable to all new and existing subscribers?? What is the validity of this tariff????