Exclusive : Loop Mobile Launches Talk-Time Transfer Service

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Mumbai’s oldest GSM mobile service operator Loop Mobile (formerly BPL Mobile) announced the launch of Prepaid Balance - 'Talk-time Transfer" service for its customers.

Now Loop Mobile prepaid customers in Mumbai can transfer talk time or prepaid balance via SMS over short code 50105 or by dialing USSD code *105#, to their family & friends with ease. Also when customers balance is low, he/she can ask his/her Loop Mobile friends or family to transfer talk time to their mobile.

Balance or Talk-Time Transfer Service is a very convenient option for customers especially while they are on roaming, or on public holidays or on weekends or during monsoons when shops close earlier than usual.

The Balance / Talk-Time Transfer Facility is available within the Mumbai circle as well as while National Roaming and one can ask or transfer talk time maximum 10 times in a day and charges of Rs.3 per transaction will be applicable for Donor.

How to Transfer Loop Mobile Talk-time / Balance to Other Loop Mobile :

Steps for talk time transfer via SMSSteps for talk time transfer via USSD
For Donor:SMS TRANSFER  to 50105

For example TRANSFER 977XXXXXXX 10 to 50105

For Donor:Dial *105#

Enter the recipient's mobile number

Enter Amount

For Recipient:

SMS TT <Donor Mobile number> <Amount> to 50505

For Recipient : Not Available
Terms and conditions:
  • Talk time transfer is applicable amongst Prepaid Loop subscribers only.
  • Only Subscribers who have completed more than 3 months in the network are eligible
  • The same would be applicable on Roaming as well i.e. if the recipient customer is on roaming and needs balance while on roaming, he could take the same from the donor who is at home. Balance Transfer should be possible also when both donor and recipient customers are on Roaming.
  • The recipient will get talk time value equal to the amount transferred.
  • For e.g. - A donor Mr X transfers an amount of Rs.20 to recipient Mr Y. Mr Y would get talk time equal to Rs.20 and an amount of (Rs.20 (MRP) + Rs.3 (Transaction Fee) = Rs.23) would be deducted from donor Mr. X's balance.
  • Maximum transactions allowed in a day/subscriber are 10.
  • Only core talk time can be transferred.
  • The customer can transfer an amount of Rs.10/Rs 20/Rs 30 /Rs.50 and a flat transaction fee of Rs.3 is charged on the donor.
  • P2P balance transfer will be available on SMS and USSD.
  • Donor should have a minimum of Rs.13 in the core account to be eligible for transfer.
  • Retailers are not eligible for talk time transfer

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