Local mobile resellers sell Jio SIMs in black, charging up to Rs 500 across metros: Report

Local mobile resellers have been selling Reliance Jio SIM cards in black for a price ranging from Rs 200 to Rs 500 per SIM across metro cities, even as the telco’s authorized stores–Reliance Digital and Express Mini stores—fail to meet consumer demand.


There has been a huge demand for Jio connection which comes loaded with unlimited data and 4,500 voice minutes for the first-three months, till December 31, 2016. These local mobile resellers and brick-and-mortar shops are selling Jio SIMs with instant authentication, and are making a brisk business out of it, various media reports say. On an average, these resellers and shop owners are making Rs 20,000-Rs 30,000 per day for selling 100-125 SIM cards, which are otherwise made available for free in the market by Reliance Jio.

Some of these small vendors operate as ‘authorized agents’ in lanes and by-lanes and are equipped with handheld devices for instant e-KYC and a Jio SIM cards inventory, an ET report said.

Another DNA report said that some Reliance Digital stores have appointed third party stores that issue SIMs post registration through Aadhaar number and biometric verification, and are charging for these SIM cars. The ET report quoted a NCR-based shop owner, who alleged that Reliance stores were selling SIMs to local telecom shops and then float the excuse of SIM shortage. “They are causing problems to people for their own benefits,” he said.

Currently, Reliance Digital stores are facing server issues sue to which they are not activating SIMs. Typically, they have a target of issuing minimum 60 SIMs per day.

A Jio spokesperson, in separate statements to DNA and ET said “There is a zero tolerance for any unethical practice and strict action will be taken against any misdemeanor.”

Last week, Reliance Jio claimed that 1.6 crore subscribers have joined its network in the September month post the commercial launch. The telco had the said to have introduced Aadhaar-based paper-less Jio SIM activation in 3,100 cities and towns to address the “overwhelming demand across the country.”

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Anil Kumar
October 16, 2016 8:11 am 8:11 AM

This is big scam……………

I had a word with a local retailer who used to issue 70 sim cards daily, so after doing some calculation it comes 70*500 = 35,000/day or you can say 35,000*30 = 10,50,000/ per month. So any of you think, a small shop keeper is earning 11L per month from Jio, no brother, paisa upar tak ja raha hai. Mr. Mukesh Ambani, please beware, else your Jio will become another BSNL, as your Digital mini stores are already became BSNL CSC.

Maratha Manush
October 15, 2016 7:46 pm 7:46 PM
In Maharashtra, RCom 4G is good, the coverage is better than any other operator. Voice clarity while falling back to 2G/3G during voice calls is good. Jio 4G signals are poorer than RCom signals. Vodafone 3G is good, but there is no 4G. Idea 3G is great, the voice is crisp. But very poor 4G coverage. Airtel 3G is good, and 4G is also good. Voice quality is good. Considering all these facts, it makes sense to keep Idea sim for voice calls, and RCom 4G sim for data needs. This combination will surely go a long way in your… Read more »
October 16, 2016 11:04 am 11:04 AM

What nonsense r u talking???rcom 4g coverage better than jio??rcom uses jio 4g netwrk and how coverage more for rcom??
Rcom dont have seperate 4g antennas or netwrk.. using jio’s netwrk they r giving 4g..so dont post false statemnts

Maratha Manush
October 16, 2016 1:13 pm 1:13 PM

RCom 4G is on 850 MHz, and Jio is on 2300 MHz. First buy a RCom sim and check the signal before commenting like a Jio bhakt who is using a free sim and unaware of everything else.

October 16, 2016 2:45 pm 2:45 PM
Hahah…nice jokk….wat u r thinking???first of all u should hav some knowledge about netwrk..u only see sims..im not talking about it…rcom not having its own antenna..850 mhz was deployed by jio which was from rcom by sharing and trading..and both of them can use the three bands..u r saying jio on 2300 band and rcom on 850..wat nonsense..both operators use 3 bands..and the infrastructure(antenna) is owned by jio…so i am telling the point that where tbere is jio netwrk there rcom can get 4g..rcom didnt do nothing seperatly.. So tell this i wont be a jio bakt..first catch my point..dont… Read more »
Airtel Lover
October 16, 2016 9:34 am 9:34 AM

When you yourself admit that Airtel provides good 3G and 4G, why should one not keep Airtel 4G as his only sim ?

October 15, 2016 6:37 pm 6:37 PM

My cide has also shown used how code get used without activation. Reliance store has given another random code and given sim card free in nashik no charge