LGKM900-IndiaLG today announced the launch of its latest high end touch screen multimedia phone LGKM900 for Indian consumers LG KM900 arena phone claims to built in with lots of  multimedia features and is the 1st global device that comes featured with a Dolby Mobile surround sound .

It also comes featured with a 3.0 inch WVGA display screen do not forget that most of the cellphones with smart phone capabilities now days currently in the market have 3.2 inch screen,and a 5 megapixel camera with integrated FM radio furthermore the phone gives support to WiFi connection and 3G HSDPA .

The mobile phone also brags of being packed in with an internal memory of 8GB and backing expansion of up to

32 GB the design of LG KM900 some what similar to iPhone and the functionality its quite like the HTC HD functionality the only difference is that  in LG K900 the keys use to light up;LG KM900 weigh around 105g so naturally it becomes very easy to carry around the D1 recording capability claims to allow users to take DVD quality videos on the move KM 900 will be available in black and silver titanium colors and will come under Rs 35,000.

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Timmy Cheri
July 6, 2009 8:50 am 8:50 AM

LG KM900 is an iphone knockoff. It is loaded with items which look inviting, as “specifications”, which either do not function or function in a substandard way. How could they? The phone has no operating system. No flash. No wifi streaming media, and painfully slow wifi–when it functions. The camera button has to be one of the loudest of any phone, and cannot be turned off. It is well documented the phone is useless outside, on a sunny day, because of the reflective glass display. LG Arena KM900 is an awful, fake, iphone.

June 9, 2009 10:55 pm 10:55 PM
This phone has shamelessly copied its user interface from iPhone. Many touch screen phones were released ever since the iPhone debuted 2 yrs back. Its hard to believe that no device even comes closer to iPhone when it comes to usability. With over 35000 apps available to choose from and 1 Billion apps downloaded already, Apple’s app store clocks more than 55 lakh app downloads a day!! And also, being an iPhone developer, i can surely tell that the iPhone has a software design that is very difficult to match. Everyone who feels touchscreen phones pose problems in typing and… Read more »
June 9, 2009 5:35 pm 5:35 PM

Yes, It cool idea.I love these type of mobiles.Touch screen LG ceel phons….

Adhanom, Ethiopia.