Karnataka Tops the Maximum Number of Porting Requests as of April 2014: PAN INDIA MNP MAP

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We have heard you and your interest to know about further statistics putting in a graphical way and hence we came up with this infographic containing the details of Porting Requests received in respective circles as per the report released by TRAI on 26 June 2014.


As per the data reported, by the end of April, 2014 about 119.24 million subscribers have submitted their requests to different service providers for porting their mobile number. Maximum number of requests have been received in Karnataka (about 13.57 million) followed by Rajasthan  (about 12.01  million).

These statistics indicate the number of customers who are not satisfied with their Current Mobile Service Provider and submitted requests to a different service provider for porting in.

According to TRAI guidelines Service provider may charge a fee up to 19 for porting Request. To those interested now let us also do some math  119.24*19 = 2265.56 Million alone just for Porting. Thats huge but it may not be a practical figure as some operators take in a customer without any fee and Dear users how are you welcomed as a MNP customer? How fast are you switching between Operators and is it only for service or just for MNP offers? Now that we have also came across some operators who stopped providing special MNP offers as well how are you acting? Let us know via comments.

*Note: Manual work involved. May or may not contain error in fetching/posting statistics. Let me know incase of any errors via comments. The figures are taken as per TRAI PR 35/2014 - 26 June 2014. The color intensity chosen as per the maximum number of Porting requests received in that circle. Maximum criteria is not calculated considering TeleDensity.

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