Reliance JioFiber Features that Stand Apart from the Rest: Guest Wi-Fi, Game Controller and More

Reliance JioFiber comes with many other features like Wi-Fi Mesh, game controller on smartphone, intercom facility alongside other services like free STB and more

  • The Reliance JioFiber connections also offers guest Wi-Fi ID and password
  • The JioFiber FTTH service offers connections with 100 Mbps or more speed

Reliance Jio had all the eyeballs towards itself when the company announced the plans and pricing of its fibre-based broadband service, JioFiber. At the start of the month, Reliance Jio finally introduced the broadband service for the Indian people and also told how much the service would cost for the subscribers. What was the real attraction, though was the freebies which the JioFiber plans came with. While Reliance Jio also announced the data benefits and the attractive broadband speeds, it also brought together new services and offerings like the Welcome Offer with a free TV, the bundled free Jio 4K set-top box and more. However, with all those offerings now out in the open, there are some other features of the JioFiber connection which have been put on a backseat. Here we focus on those features of a Reliance JioFiber connection, which not a lot of people might know about.

Jio Wi-Fi Mesh

The Jio Wi-Fi Mesh is something that will strengthen the signal of the JioFiber Wi-Fi at the homes of the subscribers. It is quite possible that you are already familiar with the mesh technology which signal repeaters use to extend the signal of a Wi-Fi to a further parameter. JioFiber will be offering this very functionality under the Jio Wi-Fi Mesh feature. Using this, the subscribers of JioFiber will be able to access high-quality Wi-Fi signal at the corner of their house to ensure interruption-free streaming and high-speed gaming.

Wi-Fi IDs for Guest

This is another unique feature which the subscribers of JioFiber will enjoy. Many times, guests coming to your home need to access the Wi-Fi and sometimes you might not be very comfortable sharing your Wi-Fi password directly with these guests, in these situations, the Wi-Fi guest ID feature will come into play. Using this feature, you will be able to give your guests access to your JioFiber Wi-Fi without giving them the password directly. You will be able to provide them with a separate ID and password to login to the Wi-Fi. This would ensure that unauthorised entities do not use your network.

Smartphone or Landline Intercom

Another unique feature which you can use to your advantage while having the Reliance JioFiber connection at your home is easy connectivity to the reception of your society. If you would like to quickly reach out to the security guard, the reception area or any other central place of your society where you are living in, then you can configure your smartphone or the landline to act as an intercom between the two areas.

Easy Data Sharing with Local Devices

The users on the same network of JioFiber will be able to access centralised data with much ease using the JioHome app on their smartphones. The users will be able to easily share pictures, videos, files, and much more over the network. Not only this, but the users can also decide to connect their storage such as a hard drive to the Jio Home Gateway setup or the router to access the files on that storage over the network using the JioHome app at any time they want.

Gaming Control through Smartphones

One of the uses a fast connection such as the Reliance JioFiber is in gaming and Reliance Jio in itself is delivering latency-free gaming experience to its users. With this, the telecom operator has also said that the JioFiber connection will support all popular gaming controllers and for the ones that do not have a controller, they would be able to game on the network with a virtual controller which will be available on their smartphones.

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