Interview: Amaresh Kumar, Chief Product Officer, Telenor India, talks about the company’s new entertainment pack starting at Rs 2.

Telenor India has come out with its new entertainment pack that would enable subscribers to stream unlimited videos on YouTube and Dailymotion between 11pm and 7am for as low as Rs 2 a day. The operator is also providing unlimited music streaming from Hungama Music and Eros Now music starting at Rs 41 with a validity of 28 days.

Telecom Talk caught up with company’s CPO to know more about the offering.

Question: How do you think the entertainment offering will help subscribers as downloading videos on 2G network seems to be an uphill task?

Answer: As a service provider, we try to provide the best from whatever resources are available in the country and that is why the focus is during the night, when there is a lesser traffic and we will be able to give much better experience to the customers. In India, there is a lot of traffic on the voice and once that decongestion happens, all high speed technologies will improve the video experience. People on 2G network can watch videos properly too, they can download it first and once it is in their device, they can watch it without having any implications. In India, video as a category is growing double every year so video traffic is increasing 95-100 percent annually, this will continue for 3-4 more years.

We are a mass market player and we want to serve the customers who are relevant for us or who are trying to get into the internet category. Today, about 75% of customers are trying to get into the internet platform and we want to give them a decent service so that they can enjoy the fruits of the internet.


Question: How do you think such services will help in driving the ARPUs?

Answer: We expect that all these services will help in the growth of the ARPUs as customers will see value in them and we are also interested in serving the customers with the right kind of offerings.

Questions: What technologies are you using for this?

Answer: We are utilizing the compression technology as well as the rendering, so whether you are having a high quality smartphone or a low quality smartphone, the quality of experience would be same.
We have also complemented the caching technology in our network. We have modernized our networks and kind of made it to service with the caching.

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Sanjit Roy
November 27, 2015 9:39 pm 9:39 PM

Nearly 2 years gone still there is no sign of launch in Assam

January 10, 2016 8:44 am 8:44 AM

My 2g sim move to 3g network please help me

November 27, 2015 5:04 pm 5:04 PM

is it necessary to swap the vodafone existing card to 4G sim card in order to access 4G ?
i guess that is not needed.

if it is needed can anyone highlight me?
i know about vodafone 3 in 1 (128k, not sure it is 128k or not, no where written in the pack when i askd store guy) sim but what i heard and when asked CC they too said no need to replace existing sim.

November 29, 2015 1:57 pm 1:57 PM

Duane with 13 years of experience in telecom industry can help you in this regard.

November 27, 2015 3:23 pm 3:23 PM

Telenor is in talks with Videocon to acquire it’s 1800mhz spectrum to launch 4G in UP(E) and Bihar circle.

Sanjit Roy
November 27, 2015 9:36 pm 9:36 PM

@Krish- Whatever they do, ultimately they have to be a part of m&a like acquire or be acquired. Other wise no options left in India for them.