Intel and Apple Might Debut 3nm TSMC Chipset in 2022

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It seems that Apple and Intel, two polar opposites who recently called it quits for their relationship in terms of chipsets, as the former decided to make use of the proprietory Bionic chips for the Mac series of devices instead of Intel's Core series of chipset which were usually the chipset of choice for devices ranging from the iMac to the MacBook Pro and Air.

Today it has been revealed that Apple and Intel will be debuting their 3nm chipset technology via TSMC. A recent report has claimed that the iPhone manufacture will be launching the next-generation iPad Pro in 2022, with the iPad touted to make use of this 3nm chipset. In contrast, Intel will also launch its own chips that make use of this advanced process.

As per a recent  NikkeiAsia report, Apple, the Cupertino giant is setting a goal of debuting the world’s largest contract chipmaker’s latest advanced process tech within its 2022 iPad Pro, which would be the successor to the current iPad Pro, which was updated to make use of the M1 chip from Apple.

What Do We Know About The Plans

This shift from 3nm from the current 5nm generation of chips will supposedly offer a 10-15% hike in performance, alongside an approximate 25-30% reduction in overall power consumption, which when entwined together would result in making the newer iPad Pro more powerful yet efficient than ever before.

If this does happen, this would mark the second time when Apple unveils its latest chips within the new iPad series of devices rather than the iPhone series that are the company's flagships. As of now though, it is unclear as to whether the company will unveil the chip in the iPad Air or iPad Pro since the A15 Bionic debuted in the iPad Air.

Much like Apple, Intel is also expected to be one of the first processor makers to debut TSMC’s 3nm process technology. The report mentioned that the chipmaker had already begun testing its chip designs with a 3nm process, with the company expected to start commercial production of these chips during the second half of 2022.

This would essentially allow the firm to make up for the market share that it has lost in recent years. The report also added that the chip volume planned for Intel is more than that for Apple’s iPad using the 3nm process.

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