India’s Mobile Internet Speed Drops, But Broadband Speed Rises in January 2021: Ookla

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Mobile internet speed dropped for India, while the broadband internet speed saw a rise in January 2021. The analytics shared by Ookla in its report suggests that India stands at the 131st position globally in terms of providing mobile Internet speeds, dropping two ranks down from its 129th position in December 2020. At the same time, it stands at the 65th position globally when it comes to fixed broadband downloading and uploading speeds. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and South Korea took the first and the second position in the charts globally by providing 177.52 Mbps and 169.03 Mbps downloading speeds in January 2020 — more details on the story ahead.

Mobile Internet Speeds for January 2021

According to Ookla, the average mobile download speed in India dropped by 3.8% to 12.41 Mbps from 12.91 Mbps in the month of December 2020. Along with the downloading speed, the average uploading speed dropped from 4.97 Mbps in December 2020 to 4.76 Mbps in January 2021, marking a dip of 4.2%.

However, the network latency rates (51 milliseconds) remained the same ( as in December 2020) in the country during January 2021.

Broadband Internet Speeds for January 2021

In terms of providing the fastest broadband speed, India stood at the 65th position globally. The average download speed for fixed broadband speed was 54.73 Mbps in January 2021, which is 1.5% more than the average downloading speed of 53.90 Mbps in December 2020.

India saw a rise in the average upload speed for fixed broadband internet connection as well. The average uploading speed grew by 1.1% month over month (MoM), being 50.75 Mbps in December 2020 and 51.33 Mbps in January 2021.

Globally, Singapore was at the top for providing the fastest average downloading speed (247.54 Mbps) in January 2021. India still has a long way to go for providing better downloading and uploading speeds with both mobile and broadband internet networks. Singapore overtook Thailand that came down to the third position in January 2021 from the first in 2020.

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