Idea Cellular hikes its 2G and 3G Data price in Delhi ( New revised Plan Details )

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India Cellular has revised the pricing of 3G and 2G data plans in Delhi. The decision has come right after the regularization of 14% service tax rate. Here are the changed prices of data plans.

Change In Idea 3G Prices Delhi:
Earlier, users could get 300 MB data for Rs. 102 with a validity of 21 days, but now the company has reduced the price as well as the duration of the plan. As per the new plans, users can get 300 MB 3G recharge for Rs. 97 with a validity of 10 days. The next recharge of 500 MB data used to cost Rs. 156 earlier, but now the company has reduced the data limit to 475 MB and duration to 15 days from 21 days without changing the price.


No change has been made in 600 MB recharge that cost Rs. 198 and valid for 28 days. A major shock has come in the 1 GB recharge that used to cost Rs. 249 earlier. Rather than increasing the price, the company has reduced the data limit to 750 MB to set off the tax effect. Those who want to enjoy 1 GB data, need to recharge with Rs. 295. It’s a new and first-time inclusion in Idea’s 3G offers.


The 2GB 3G recharge which used to cost Rs. 455 earlier will now cost Rs. 495. Idea Cellular has eliminated the 2G data plan with 60 days validity that used to cost Rs. 598.

The company has made a few changes in unlimited plan category as well. Earlier, users had to pay Rs. 655 for 3GB data, but now the company has brought down the limit to 2.5 GB data. Those who want to avail 3GB 3G data can recharge with Rs. 695.

4GB data pack was available for Rs. 755 before the service tax increment, but now the company has reduced the data limit to 3GB with a duration of 45 days instead of 28 days. Now, 4GB data can be availed for Rs. 895. The 5GB 3G data pack that used to cost Rs. 855 earlier will now cost Rs. 1099. The last two plans i.e. 7.5 GB unlimited and 10 GB unlimited are unchanged and can be availed for Rs. 1499 and Rs. 1849 respectively.

Change in 2G Data Prices:
The first change is made in 500 MB 2G data pack that used to cost Rs. 98 with 14-day validity. Users can now enjoy only 375 MB data in Rs. 98 with 10-days validity. The existing 625 MB data plan for Rs. 125 with 18 days validity has now been revised to 500 MB data with 14 days validity. Earlier, users could avail 750 MB data for Rs. 154, but the company has increased the price to Rs. 175 and reduced the data limit to 700 MB.

The 1GB plan that was available for Rs. 175 will cost Rs. 195 from now onwards. The company has included a new plan for 1.5 GB data that will cost Rs. 255 to users. The existing 3GB unlimited plan for Rs. 255 has been removed and a new plan for 2GB unlimited data for Rs. 295 has been introduced.

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