WhiteSpace Alliance Expedite International Deployment of TV Band Internet Access

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WhiteSpace Alliance, a global industry leader in underutilized spectrum announced that interoperability testing and technology sharing among its members has started expediting international deployment of TV band internet access. BSNL-INMASAT WSA has been a leading organization when it comes to developing standards based enhancements and interoperability specifications which implement reliable broadband solutions based on efficient utilization of broadcast spectrum. The senior management of WSA seems delighted to witness the current growth rate of TV band internet access. According to Dr. Apurva N. Mody, Chairman, WhiteSpace Alliance, the primary objective of the company has always been to help its members get to market quickly with those products that work together. Saankhya Labs, WSA member became the first semiconductor vendor who introduced TV whitespace chipsets. The company has been taking various initiatives from time to time, and the recent announcement is about how far it has come so far. WhiteSpace Alliance has a following of over 200 major academic, commercial, regulatory and government companies around the world. WSA helps these companies reducing development cost and expand in different parts of the world. One can check the official website of the company for more information.

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