IDEA Cellular Behtar Zindagi For The Rural India Powered By Handygo

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IDEA Cellular, the pan-India mobile service operator has introduced an IVR based VAS dubbed as "Behtar Zindagi" powered by Handygo, which aims to provide day-to-day information to rural India.

IDEA subscribers can dial 556780 to access information regarding health, education, finance, weather updates, mandi rates, livestocks, agriculture and fisheries.

The operator launched some subscription packs on Daily and Monthly basis for this VAS at a minimal charge of Rs 30, Rs.15, Rs.7 and Rs.2 for 30, 15, 7 and 1 day valadity, respectively. The service is available in all the respective states regional languages along with Hindi and English.

Presently the service will be available in Gujarat, Maharashtra & Goa, UP West and Andhra Pradesh telecom circles.

For latest and reliable updates, content provider handygo has partnered with various organizations such as Care India, Aviva Life Insurance, Indian Metrological Department, INCOIS, Hariyali Kisan Bazaar, Network for Fish Quality Management and Sustainable Fishing, Transparency International India, Sonalika, EKO India Financial Services and plethora of other organizations.

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