Hike Sticker Chat Announces Auto Backup, Hike Web and More Features

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Hike Sticker Chat, which is a personal messaging platform built in India and remains very popular among the youngsters has launched new features called ‘Auto Backup & Web’. Hike Sticker Chat which was announced back in April 2019 currently has over 1 Million Weekly Active Users, who spend 33 mins inside the app with over 55 million stickers being exchanged weekly. Hike announced that the new Auto Backup feature implies several add-ons in terms of ease, experience, and privacy. Through this, users can seamlessly access chats & media anytime and migrate from Android to iOS and vice versa without worrying about manual backup & restore.

Hike Sticker Chat Auto Backup

As per Hike’s statement in its release, the new auto-backup feature has been brought on board the app keeping in mind the new-age Indian internet users. With people constantly resetting their phones or switching to newer models, content on messaging apps has a tendency to disappear. The only current alternative is to use the Backup & Restore process, which is tedious and unreliable at the best of times. Hike stated that in such cases the auto backup feature allows users to seamlessly transfer and access their data from one device to another. The process is automatic, and their data is available the instant they log back into the platform using the same number. This also consumes no extra data and allows users to migrate from Android to iOS and vice versa instantaneously.

Kavin Bharti Mittal, CEO and Founder of Hike, remarked, “With this update, Hike Sticker Chat becomes a truly ubiquitous messaging platform. With the Auto Backup feature your data will be backed up in real time, so you don’t have to worry about changing devices and with Web, we’re bringing our unique sticker driven messaging experience to the computer browser. What’s unique about Hike Sticker Chat on Web is that it can be used without your phone being present or connected to the internet. A big request from the market”

Hike Introduces Web Version and Updates Encryption

It’s notable that this is not the only new update which Hike has brought on to its platform. The messaging app has also introduced the beta version of a very highly requested feature which is the Hike Web, where unlike other web platforms, users can continue to have an unrestricted messaging experience on the computer browser without being connected to their phones. This cuts down on excess data usage and preserves the device’s battery. Hike Web is scheduled to receive updates every two weeks, further improving the messaging experience for users across devices and platforms.

Hike Sticker Chat has also brought some changes on the security front as well and updated the encryption to 128-bit AES & 2048-bit RSA, which is one step away from military-grade encryption. Hike Sticker Chat currently has over 40,000 stickers available in 40+ Indian languages and dialects. It expects to have over 100,000 stickers across languages by the end of the year, to cover a larger percentage of every major Indian language’s vocabulary.

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