GSM subscriber base for JUNE 2009 has been updated for the complete list click here with the additions done and dealt lets have a look at the market shares and user base of GSM operators.

  • Operators            Subscribers
  • Bharti Airtel         102,367,881
  • Vodafone              76,449,598
  • BSNL                     49,073,929
  • IDEA Cellular         47,088,878
  • Aircel                     21,798,375
  • Reliance GSM         12,401,101
  • MTNL                       4,297,218
  • Loop                        2,305,640

GSM mobile operators in India added 9.32 million new subscribers in June 2009 a good improvement over the 8.93 million subscribers added in April 2009 with this the total GSM base reported by operators was at 315.78 million, as against 306.45 in the previous month.

Lets have quick look at the gains, operators-wise with a glance at the TOP 3 GSM players
Bharti Airtel reached the 100 MILLION CUSTOMERS mark the first to do so in India, with a total base of 102,367,881 customers. This was made possible with the gain of 28.18 customers during the month.

Vodafone did not do too bad either – the company added 23.68 lacs customer to take its base up to 76.44 million.

BSNL retained its 3rd position with a base of 49.07 million, by adding 8.96 lac customers in the month.

Among other smaller players:

Idea Cellular added 16.10 lac customers to close its base at 47.08 million.

Aircel at 5th position also seems to be doing well having added 11.12 lacs, bringing its base to almost 22 million.

Reliance did not report its GSM base (new circled launched in 2009) to COAI – as per the older circles the base was at 12.40 million.

MTNL managed to scrape up another 36 thousand customers to close at 4.29 million in the 2 circles it operates in.

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August 20, 2009 7:15 pm 7:15 PM
@zareef ZAREEF… dont get confused my friend… (a) AIRTEL does not have EDGE in “many small citys” as a decision as EDGE costs more money to provide (4 times the no. of timeslots are required in each tower) and the no. of users will be zero/very less. Hence they only provide GPRS in such places. (b) NEW OPERATORS COMING WITH 3G network – do you think having a 3G network is enough? Will the new operators be able to AFFORD the huge license fee to start up 3G 9when the rates are announced)? Believe me, every AIRTEL network is 3G… Read more »
August 20, 2009 7:12 pm 7:12 PM

@Shailesh Sharma
SHAILESH SHARMA, please do not be shocked … the only reason why you do not see DOCOMO in the list is because they have not submitted their base details to COAI! Once they start reporting the numbers (as all other operators are doing) they will be included as well. Have no fear on that !

Shailesh Sharma
August 20, 2009 11:15 am 11:15 AM

its very shocking not to see the name of TATA’s in the list.They had came with per second billing in association with DO CO MO,they are provoding cool services at very low rates, but ya at all over india level ir will take time for DO CO MO to grab market.