Google Pixel Devices on Reliance Jio to Get Wi-Fi Calling Feature With Next Android Nougat Update

Back in December 2016, Google added the support for VoLTE to Pixel and Pixel XL, and today, the search giant announces Wi-Fi calling feature in collaboration with the new entrant Reliance Jio. This essentially means that you can make calls even at a low network reception place when connected to a Wi-Fi network.


You might be wondering what Wi-Fi Calling is? Here’s the answer. Instead of using your carrier’s network connection, you can use a Wi-Fi network for making voice calls and the calls will be placed with your mobile number itself. This feature will be primarily helpful when your carrier network signal is too poor.

Technically, Wi-Fi Calling is same as the VoIP calling services such as the Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, etc., but this makes use of your phone number. VoIP transfers your voice over the Internet to the switched telephone network, but the Wi-Fi Calling makes use of the internet instead of the cell towers.

There are certain disadvantages with the Wi-Fi Calling features though. If a caller moves from Wi-Fi network to cellular network while on the call, the call will be disconnected, which can be quite annoying. Also, the benefit is the calls placed via Wi-Fi won’t be additionally charged.

Currently, the search giant has partnered with Reliance Jio for the Wi-Fi Calling feature as it is the only network in India that supports VoLTE. Wi-Fi Calling feature has been available in the US for a long time. The Cupertino-based tech giant, Apple is pushing the operators to adopt the feature in the US, whereas Google has bought the service to India in collaboration with Jio.

The Pixel phones are not the first ones in India with support for Wi-Fi Calling feature. Samsung has already pushed the feature back in October 2016 to their Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, but it’s useless till date. Google is pushing a software update to the phones in coming weeks, which will bring the feature to Google Pixel and Pixel XL.

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April 11, 2017 6:29 pm 6:29 PM

Someone pls clarify as VoWifi was once declared Illegal by TRAI in India. When BSNL introduced the plan to make Landline phones virtually wirelessly via an app, which connects to Internet via BSNL Broadband (via Wifi), TRAI made it like, calls must go through native carrier. For Ex., Jio calls can’t originate from BSNL (What will happen on VoWifi). This is why Jio4GVoice app is not able to make calls from Wifi. Curiously awaiting to discuss more on this..

April 11, 2017 11:00 am 11:00 AM

There are errors in the article. The handover from WiFi to cellular is seamless, no disconnection. Also calls placed over WiFi are charged the same as cellular network.

April 11, 2017 7:44 am 7:44 AM

All LG volte phones support VoWiFi since day one of release. Even google is behind, LOL.