Google Duo Now Allows Users to Make Video Calls via Desktop

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Google has an extensive line-up of apps which Android users not only love but also rely on for their day to day working. On the communication and social media side, however, Google has failed to claim big success. There is but one application from Google for video calling which has managed to garner success among the masses thanks to its quality and reliability. The app we are talking about is Google Duo, which was launched side by side Google Allo, an AI equipped instant messaging app. Although Google Allo could not boast of an impressive active user base, Google Duo managed to reach on the top charts of app downloads. The search giant had released the app for both Android and iOS at Google I/O 2016. Now in a recent development, Google Duo has expanded its reach to desktops and laptops as well.

Google Duo Website Following Material Design UI

Last month, we got to see some rumours surfacing about the web version of the Google Duo. As rumoured by the company, the web version of Google Duo is now live on desktop and web. If you would like to video chat with your contacts over laptop or desktop through the Google Duo web app, then all you need to do is visit the website and login in into your Google account. The highlight of the web version of Google Duo is that it is as simple as the mobile version of the app. Much similar to the original mobile version, the UI has a hint of Material design and the screen displays the contacts and numbers in a list format with whom you can begin the video call.

Another thing to note about the new Google Duo web app is that although it is under a broad rollout, some users might have to wait to access the Google Duo web version. However, when it goes live for all accounts and devices, then the users of Google Duo are going to experience much ease in making video calls to their contacts while being online through a laptop or desktop.

Google Expanding Android Exclusive Offerings to Web

It is worth noting that Google is expanding its mobile-based services to the web for much more enhanced user experience. Last year, the search giant had also launched Android Messages for the web through which users can access their SMS on their desktops or other devices. In another recent and relevant development, Google has extended the Google Assistant integration to Android Messages app along with support for seven new Indic languages including Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, and Urdu.

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