Google Chrome for iOS Receives Latest Update After a 4 Months Gap

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Google has released the much-awaited new version update of Chrome for iPhone and iPad. Google Chrome for iOS did not receive any updates for the past four months. But the company started to roll out app updates on iOS in February. However, Google Chrome missed out on major updates like version 88 and 89 since the browser did not receive any update on the iOS platform for months. The latest update of Chrome is version 87.0.4280. Google is also gearing up for the launch of Chrome version 90 for all platforms, which is scheduled for the coming weeks.

Google Chrome Latest Update Focuses on Bug Fixes

Since there were no major issues in the browser from the last update of November 2020, the new Chrome update on iOS focused majorly on minor bugs. The new update now includes a user’s ‘Name’ option in ‘App Functionality’ listed under the ‘Data Linked to You’ tab. Not only this, but Google has moved the ‘crash data’ and ‘customer support’ options under the ‘Not Linked to You section’. The newly rolled out update of Chrome is available to iPhone and iPad users via the Apple app store.

Google To Assess Data for Useful Feature Developments

Google strives to provide intriguing services and benefits to users for a hassle-free experience. The American multinational giant stated that it would frequently assess user data to ensure that only important and necessary data is picked by the company for the development of useful product and features. As per the reports of 9to5Google, the company is also testing Touch ID and Face ID to protect open Incognito tabs.

Google Appoints New Personnel

In other news, Google has appointed Prabhakar Raghavan as the new executive to lead the Google Assistant and other crucial teams. Cathy Edwards, who announced search improvements to spell correction and passage ranking, is leading the Google Apps, News, Discover and ecosystem efforts, including web initiatives.

Google is also gearing up for the launch of Chrome version 90 for all platforms, which is scheduled for the coming week.

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