‘Galaxy S Edge’ name busted in Vodafone website source code

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It has been a while since we heard rumors that suggested that at the minimum one variant of the Samsung Galaxy S6 will sport an edge display, which will be  somewhat identical to the Note Edge. In the latest scoop, we got to know that Samsung will allegedly provide dual edges around the display, along with the other improvements to sort the issues that users had with the Note Edge.

That much information does not prove much about the Samsung Galaxy S6’s Edge model? Well, if the initial reports by the Netherlands-based Galaxy Club are to be believed, it seems like landing page for the Galaxy S6 has been updated on Vodafone Netherlands’ website. At the first look, the page gives no such intriguing information, but going deeper into the source code reveals an interesting information, which is basically a developer note stating,“pre-order form for Samsung Galaxy S Edge” in the future.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 6.36.01 PMAlthough, it is just a landing page and the note might just be based on all those rumors that we too have been hearing. It does not really mean that Vodafone has a definitive proof from Samsung, but we have to admit that the name “Galaxy S Edge” mentioned in the code makes a meaningful sense. Moreover, Samsung also didn’t name the Note Edge the Note 4 Edge. There is still a fair share of possibility that the dual-edged model might not even use the “Edge” label at all, however, we wouldn’t be much surprised if this leak proves to be true.

Samsung has not confirmed anything in relation to the much anticipated Galaxy S Edge. We can only hope to know more about the device soon. Also, MWC 2015 is just around the corner, Let’s see if Samsung decides to announce it at the event.

The device has already ignited much chaos and confusion, it is still not confirmed whether it will have a curved screen on both the sides or just one side, like the Note Edge. Some of the rumors have gone beyond and have implied that the device not only exists but its testing unit has been shipped to Indian for R&D purposes.

Sadly, not much information can be traced out from just a product page source code. We want to know what our readers think, could Galaxy S Edge be the chosen name for the dual-edged Galaxy S6?

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